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Eldon Ted Lisondra

Year 4 Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

I'm Eldon Ted Lisondra, an experienced deputy teacher coming from the Philippines, with a vibrant international background. I graduated from Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree of Primary Education. Having spent over a decade in Thailand, I've nurtured young minds in the city of Bangkok and also in the province of Phang-nga, specializing in Maths, Science, and Reading. My dedication to education is shown by my leadership in hosting numerous grand school events, fostering an engaging and inclusive learning environment. Beyond the classroom, I find solace in nature's beauty, often captivated by sunsets which I capture through my lens as a passionate photographer. My interests are eclectic, ranging from indulging in anime and comedy to mastering the culinary arts of cooking and baking. Fuelled by a linguistic curiosity, I am on a journey to learning languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Russian, French, and Spanish, driven by aspirations to become a polyglot translator. I embody an unwavering commitment to education, global exploration, and creative pursuits, aiming to inspire and guide students while pursuing my diverse interests with unwavering enthusiasm.

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