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Keira Brain

Head Girl

Hello, my name is Keira, and I'm going to be Headgirl for the upcoming academic school year. First of all I would like to give a huge congratulations to all the award winners! All of your awards are well deserved and you should feel incredibly proud. Due to COVID-19, Headstart's students and teachers have undoubtedly faced difficulties this school year. Despite this, our outstanding team and students have been able to adjust to and overcome these difficulties, such as when online learning was required. But even with these challenges we have faced, the head girl and head boy alongside an incredible leadership team have managed to provide HeadStart with exciting events for its community, which I’m sure you can agree, we all appreciate and cherish. So, please join me in offering a special appreciation to Nutcha, Calvin, Gemma, Esther, Sara, and Anya for putting on a variety of events for us and consistently going above and beyond when organizing activities for the school. This year Carry and I have had the pleasures of working under Calvin and Nutcha and getting to experience first hand how they are able to successfully bring a team together, work collaboratively and produce an astonishing outcome. I would like to give a special mention to Nutcha, although she could not be here today, I think it’s important that we acknowledge her contribution to HeadStart.There is absolutely no doubt that Nutch is an extremely accomplished and multi-skilled student, from her excellent academic achievements to her beautiful singing voice and stage presence. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have learnt from such a friendly and open hearted Head Girl who puts an enormous amount of effort into her role as she has such love and devotion for the students here and the school as a whole. You will be missed dearly and we wish you all the best at Cambridge (which is again another outstanding achievement). I am so incredibly excited to have the opportunity to be taking over from you as HeadGirl. You have inspired me to put as much time, effort, and love into this school as you have, and I hope I can carry on your legacy by upholding the same principles and standards you have established during your time here. Thank you!

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