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Kirsty Hark

[email protected]

Hello and Sawadee ka! My name is Kirsty and I am from Manchester in the North West of England. I have a degree in History and Sociology from the The University of Leeds, and gained my Post Graduate Certificate of Education at The University of Manchester through the TeachFirst graduate programme. I am now entering my ninth year of teaching at the primary level and my fifth year of teaching here at HeadStart. I have experience working across both Key Stage 1 and 2, and am very passionate about developing positive relationships with pupils, as well as providing creative and engaging learning opportunities. I aim to inspire a love of learning within children, and develop inquisitive and creative learners who are keen to investigate and ask questions throughout their learning journey. Through creating both a safe and challenging learning environment, I am also keen to develop resilient learners with a commitment to overcoming challenges with the support and collaboration of both their peers and teachers. I believe it is vital to provide children with a wealth of experiences and opportunities in order for them to flourish in all areas of the curriculum. I have a passion for reading and am keen to install my love of reading and stories within the pupils. Outside of the classroom, I also have a keen interest in History and learning about the past and culture of other places. I therefore love to travel and enjoy exploring the many beautiful places both within and around Phuket. I am really looking forward to the year ahead and can’t wait to support the progress your children will make throughout their time in Year 6.

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