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Benjamin Wilson

Maths Teacher
[email protected]

I’m Ben, Benjamin, or เบนจี้. I come from the exotic land of England and I obtained a Diploma in Education for teaching Mathematics in my home town at the University of Birmingham. I have taught Maths in state schools in the UK, and I most enjoy watching my pupils gain confidence in their own potential to succeed in this subject. Before I became a teacher I was a scientist. I completed my PhD at the University of Manchester where I worked on a research project for Airbus, who use complex metal alloys in order to overcome immense engineering challenges to build gigantic aeroplanes like the A380. Studying metals is a broad topic which has a big crossover between Chemistry and Physics. If you want to understand how metals work at the atomic scale, a bit of Mathematics comes in handy too! Atoms are tiny things, and scientists will use mathematical models to study them by using something called quantum theory, which has many weird and wonderful features. My research investigated how hydrogen atoms interact with aluminium, zinc, copper, and magnesium atoms. This required a lot of computing power to perform calculations, things which you wouldn’t be able to do on your pocket calculators. I used a supercomputer that would be equivalent to using a few billion of the calculators that we have in the classroom all at the same time, and often it would still take many days for it figure out the answer! I want to share my passion for using Maths in our modern world with all my students. I will embed my experiences and love for the subject in all my lessons and hope that you can enjoy Maths just as much as I do. Outside of school I love to train Muay Thai and Jiujutsu. I have fought in MMA competitions back home in the UK, and my favourite move in Japanese is called a sankaku-jime. I like to play chess too, so if anyone would like to play a game with me just ask!

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