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Mani Rasheed

Humanities Teacher
[email protected]

Nice to meet you all, I'm going to be your new Geography and history teacher and I'm really looking forward to teaching you all. I am from England where I began teaching in Manchester and I am completely new to Thailand. I decided to move here because I love adventure and meeting new people. I am passionate about teaching and think that it is such an important job and I am planning to put my all into this to make sure you all have a really good, helpful, knowledgeable and empathetic teacher for as long as I'm here. Other than my job, I am also passionate about football too, I love playing, watching and talking about it. I have always been an Arsenal fan but please do not mention this if Arsenal lose on the weekend! My favourite football players are always creative midfielders like Zidane, Ozil and De Bruyne and this is what type of player I (like to think) am when I play football. I also love playing video games too, especially my playstation 5! My favourite games include FIFA, CoD and Gran Turismo at the moment. I also enjoy watching films and tv shows including anime and some of my favourite animes are Hunter x Hunter, Death Note and Attack on Titan to name a few.

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