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Marilou Arrojado

Early Years Blue
[email protected]

Hi, my name is Marilou Arrojado from the Philippines. I have been with HeadStart International School for three years now. I am a teacher with international experience at all levels from kindergarten to high school. I graduated with a BSc in Secondary Education (English major) from the Philippine Normal University, Manila. Prior to joining HeadStart in 2019, I taught kindergarten in Thailand and Primary school in Vietnam. Teaching children from toddlers to teenagers across a broad range of nationalities and cultures, and for whom English is not a first language, has proven challenging, fulfilling and professionally enriching for me. I deliver initiative, integrity, adaptability and a flexible, resilient, effective approach. I particularly enjoy working with kindergarten students whose open mindedness and ability to absorb new information is at its peak. I retain a love of English literature and am a keen reader.

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