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Yankung Wang

Chinese Teacher
[email protected]

您好!Dear parents and learning inquirers. Glad to see you at Headstart International School Phuket, My name is Mr Yankun Wang and I am a Secondary Mandarin First Language Teacher just joined 2021. I came from Kunming, the southwest part of China. I am a registered High School Mandarin Teacher in China with certified Mandarin Language and I have High School Teaching Qualifications in China. I gained my Bachelor Degree of Arts in Kunming University 2015, Majored in Chinese and Literature, specialized in teaching Chinese as a second language. Prior to my move to Phuket, I taught Mandarin from primary to secondary school in international and bilingual schools across Thailand and China for 5 years so far. I used to be a Mandarin specialist in IB School and a trained IGCSE mandarin assessor in a British school. My most recent role was working as a homeroom teacher in a bilingual school in China. As a Mandarin teacher, it's essential that I am proficient with The Chinese National Curriculum. The Basic foundation learning includes a master of Chinese phonics –Pinyin (Initials/ Finals Syllables/Tones) and a good command of Chinese writing such as character structure, character strokes, character radicals; The advanced learning like poems, comprehension, writing and classical Chinese understanding. Working as a language teacher in an international school it is significant that plan and teach well-structured classes and inspire learning among strategic teaching and productive achievements. Language is an art of expression, it will be a great joy for me to deliver my passion and love of Chinese language and literature; moreover, the culture and history of China towards to learners; To developing learners a better understanding of China and an appreciation of our culture, to inspiring them to reach their potential with more insights of the world affairs, guiding them to achieve a better academic learning consequence and shaping their promising future with a great value of expressing themselves in Chinese. Thailand is such an inclusive country and Phuket is such an amazing island. Out of school, I am an international-minded person and an easygoing guy. Solo traveller fits me well and I enjoy my sea life and freedom of time. I look forward to see you and have a wonderful year!

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