Homeroom Expectations

Students should be in homeroom by 8:00am each morning otherwise they will be marked as ‘absent’. If students are late, they must sign in the late book at the front of school before making their way to class. Students must be dressed in appropriate uniform. Students should wear their house shirt each Friday for house competitions. Students must have the correct equipment required for the day.

Student Absence

In the event that a student is to have planned absence or is ill, the school must be notified. Planned absence [errand leave] requires the completion of a form in the front office. Only special circumstances will result in errand leave being granted and this is considered on a case by case basis. When students are ill, an email should be sent to the office and homeroom teacher informing them. Only when this is received, can the attendance be marked as illness. If students are absent with reason, it is recorded as absent [not authorised]. Please inform the school of all absences in advance where possible.

Uniform Expectations

Students should only wear the uniform as required in the student-parent handbook. Students are not permitted to wear hooded tops / jumpers that are not school jumpers. Such items will be confiscated if this is a persistent issue. Skirts should be knee length. Shorts should sit on the knee. A single, stud earring is permitted in each ear. Students should look tidy and presentable each morning for the start of the school day. Students should wear their P.E. kit on appropriate days. Students should wear their house shirt and PE shorts and change into their PE shirt every Friday.


All secondary students are provided with a locker and issued with a padlock and key. Students should keep the majority of their books in their locker and visit it frequently during the day to keep their bag light. Laptops can be stored in lockers and collected by students when requested by teachers. Lockers should remain clear of food waste and will be checked by homeroom teachers at intervals in the year. If a student loses their key, they should visit the front office and arrange for a new key at a cost to them of 100THB.

Stationery and Equipment

All students are expected to attend lessons with the appropriate stationary. This may alter slightly from subject to subject but as a minimum all students should have their own of the following:

  • Pen [including a spare Blue/Black]
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Eraser
  • Laptop & Power Supply [this can be stored in locker and collected when instructed by a teacher]
  • Water Bottle

Students who persistently forget items required in lessons may receive a sanction in line with the schools behaviour policy.

The School Timetable

08:00-08:10am Homeroom
09:10-09:30am First Break
11:30-12:10 Lunch
14:10-14:20pm Second break
15:20pm End of school day

On Fridays, the school day finishes at 15:00pm. ASPs will run from 15:10pm – 16:00pm.

Tracking Student Progress and Working Hard

We expect our students to work as hard as they can to make the best progress possible. If the students’ effort is not to a level expected of them, we will let you know either via email or the Parent Portal. If your child is not doing their homework or schoolwork appropriately, you will be able to see by logging on to the Parent Portal. Regular tracking of student progress via the Portal and in communication with parents allows students to achieve the best possible outcomes. Students who submit work below the level that they are capable of, or who have not completed work with the appropriate level of effort, will have to attend a detention with that subject teacher to receive additional support in line with the school behaviour policy.

Parent Teacher Consultations

We will have 5 reporting periods in the academic year – 1 written reports and 2 data report along with 2 Parent Teacher meetings. There will be two Parent meetings during the year, one at the end of Term 1 to discuss the progress your child has made during that term and to set targets for the next term; the second Parent meeting is during Term 2 and 3, where again, teachers will discuss the progress of your child across the academic year. The report at the end of the year in Term 3 is a very detailed report from each subject teacher and gives an overview of the successes your child has achieved in that particular subject and will also sets some targets for your child to work on in preparation for the next academic year.

Dates for these can be found on the school calendar and are announced to parents via email at least one week before the event.


  • In Key Stage 3, students receive homework in English, Maths and Science for up to 1 hour per subject, per week. Thai first language students will receive additional homework.
  • In Key Stage 4, students will receive 60 minutes of homework per subject per week. This may increase in the run up to examinations.
  • Homework must be submitted and completed on the deadline given by the classroom teacher.
  • Teachers will follow the homework timetable when setting homework.
  • Homework should be printed and ready to submit to a teacher at the start of a lesson at the teachers’ request.

Recording Homework

Students will no longer use homework diaries to record homework. Instead they will have homework assigned to them via the Engage portal. Teachers will log homework with the task, deadline and any necessary instructions. In addition, teachers may also post homework tasks on Google Classrooms for students. Pupils can log into their portal page using the portal link on the school web page.

Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Year 7 Yellow English Science Maths  
Year 7 Blue English Science Maths  
Year 7 White English Science Maths  
Year 8 Yellow   Science Maths English
Year 8 Blue   Science Maths English
Year 8 White   Science Maths English
Year 9 Yellow English Maths   Science
Year 9 Blue English Maths   Science
Year 10 Yellow Maths/Science English or DT, Drama, Computing or Business Art, History, Business or PE or Thai, French, Mandarin, DT or PE ICT, Geo or Music & Science
Year 10 Blue Maths/Science English or DT, Drama, Computing or Business Art, History, Business or PE or Thai, French, Mandarin, DT or PE ICT, Geo or Music & Science
Year 10 White Maths/Science English or DT, Drama, Computing or Business Art, History, Business or PE or Thai, French, Mandarin, DT or PE ICT, Geo or Music & Science
Year 11 Yellow Science & Option 2 [Music, History, DT or Drama] Maths/Science ICT & Option 1 [Art, Geo or Business]  
Year 11 Blue Science & Option 2 [Music, History, DT or Drama] Maths/Science ICT & Option 1 [Art, Geo or Business]  
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