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Weekly Update #1, 1 September 2023

Dates for Your Diary

Upcoming events can be found on the website under School Life → Calendar and are outlined here for easy reference. If you have questions or require further assistance please email [email protected]

Date Time Event Location
4-6 September   ECA & Activities Parent Online Booking  
4-6 September 3.45-5.00pm Football Academy Tryouts Astro pitch
5-6 September 2.30-4.00pm ECA Fair Atrium
7 September 8.15-9.30am Parent Meeting 2: Online Homework Platforms ILC
11 September 3.30-6.00pm All ECAs and Academies begin  
14 September   R U OK? Day  
14 September 8.15-9.30am Parent Meeting 3: Introduction to EYFS Curriculum ILC

Extra Curricular Activities Fair

On Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th September from 2.30-4pm, the HeadStart ECA team will organise an Extra Curricular Activities Fair providing an opportunity for our community to meet outside ECA providers and find out about the programmes we have on offer. Some of the exciting programmes include Dance (ballet, jazz, hiphop), Cheerleading, Tennis, Flag Football, Jiu Jitsu, STEAM Clubs (Robotics, Jewellery making, Lego Creative, Puzzle Boost), Yoga for kids, Chess and Spanish language classes!

Find us in the atrium entrance area to the main school building. We look forward to seeing you there!

To find out more about how to use our Parent Portal to book your child’s ECAs, please watch the tutorial video below 👇 and make sure to read our ECA Policy and Procedures.

Cherngtalay Campus ECA Calendar 2023 2024
Parent Meetings & Presentations

Parent Meeting 1: ECAs and Parent Portal

Thank you to all the many parents who joined us for our first parent meeting of the school year. Our ECA team gave an introduction to the many and varied extra curricular activities that we have on offer at our Cherngtalay campus and explained how the booking process works as well as our policies and procedures. To view a copy of the presentation, click on the link below.

Parent Meeting 2: Online Homework Platforms in Primary on 7.09.23

We welcome parents to join us for our second parent meeting of the school year when we will talk parents of our Primary age pupils (Year 1-6) through our Online Homework platforms and offer hints and tips on how to ensure your child gets the most out of their homework. We look forward to seeing you there! Thursday 7th September 2023 from 8:15-9.30am in the Indoor Learning Centre (ILC).

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Parent Orientation

On Thursday 24th August 2023, we welcomed families to our brand new Cherngtalay Campus. It was great to see such a wonderful turnout of both parents and children as we introduced our leadership and teaching teams, as well as offering the opportunity to explore the facilities of our new school. With introductions to our curriculum, daily classroom routines, language options and extra-curricular activities (ECAs), our enthusiastic team were on hand to provide insight, answer questions and get to know the new additions to our growing school community.

Welcome Day

Friday, 25th August 2023 was the first chance for our youngest explorers to find out first hand what their new school is all about when we opened the doors of our brand new Cherngtalay Campus for the first time. It was great to see such a wonderful turnout of both parents and children as we introduced our leadership and teaching teams, as well as offering the opportunity to explore the facilities of our new school. With our Foundation classrooms set out to introduce our play-based learning EYFS curriculum through hands on experiences and social interactions, our youngest learners were able to start forming positive relationships with their new adults and peers straight away. Our Year 1-3 students were also offered the opportunity to make friends, meet their teachers and familiarise themselves with their exciting new learning environment.

We look forward to supporting our young learners to blossom as our community continues to grow!

First Day of School

On Monday August 28th, 2023, we were elated to greet you on the inaugural day at HeadStart International School’s new Cherngtalay Campus!

The day brimmed with enthusiasm and fresh beginnings as our young learners stepped into their new academic adventure filled with excitement and anticipation. As the Head of Foundation and Primary, I had the honour of personally ushering our eager children into their classrooms. Laughter and conversations filled the halls, setting the tone for a promising year ahead. Our dedicated educators sparked curiosity through engaging activities, kindling a love for learning. Our close-knit community came alive as parents joined us for drop-off, sharing in the excitement. Your trust in us is truly appreciated and we look forward to forming close bonds with you all as the years go by.

I personally cannot wait to see what amazing experiences Week 2 has in stall for our wonderful children. - Tony Williams, Head of Foundation and Primary

Foundation News

Zero Zero Superhero!

What a great start to Reception’s first week of school! We have been learning a wonderful new counting song called ‘Zero Zero Superhero!’ Reception were lucky enough to be visited but a superhero playing a guitar for one of their favourite songs. We hope he visits again soon! In the meantime, if you’d like to sing along with your children at home, just click on Zero Zero Superhero! here.

Primary News

Teamwork in Year 1

Year 1 Yellow had the opportunity to work in groups to create a single Lego structure. This involved them having to communicate with each other, share ideas, make compromises and, most importantly, develop their teamwork skills.

Active Learning in Maths

Year 5 students have been developing their mathematical knowledge in determining relative size of numbers based upon the position of the digits. Students were estimating where the four digit number would be placed on a number line to 10,000, and also playing a partner game rearranging the digits to get four numbers in a row without their partner intersecting them. The children had to think very carefully about the numbers they made and make sure their estimations were accurate.

Promotions from Around the Island
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