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Weekly Update #19, 2 February 2024

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Teacher Training Day - School Closed on 09.02.24

Just to remind parents that next Friday, 9 February, is a Teacher Training Day (INSET) and the school will be closed for students. We look forward to welcoming everyone back after the mid-term break on the 19th of February bright an early.

Yearbook Photoshoot Starting Tuesday

We are excited to announce that from Tuesday morning next week, the Yearbook photoshoot will commence. Due to a number of factors, we will only be using class photos for the Yearbook, so please ensure that your child is in school on the day of the photoshoot as otherwise he/she will not be included in the Yearbook. It would be very helpful if parents can make sure that your son/daughter is properly dressed in school uniform, has tidy hair and is well presented on the day. Please refer to the ‘Cherngtalay Campus’ tab in the timetable for information on what day and time your child’s class photo will be taken: Yearbook timetable!

Yearbook Class Photoshoot Poster 02

A Traditional Thai Welcome to Each New Day

Elevate your mornings with our Thai Morning Greeting project! Student representatives from Year 1 to Year 6 in the Thai First language programme are ready to spread positivity with warm welcomes, friendly smiles, and the traditional Thai Wai gesture. This initiative fosters unity, appreciation for Thai culture, and ensures each day begins with a bright spirit. Let’s make our mornings memorable together by reciprocating the greeting and embracing the richness of our culture.

Friday Market Fun!

Here’s a sneak peek at our latest Friday Market, a community event that took place last Friday. Sincere thanks to all our vendors for the high quality products that were on offer. If you missed out on the chance to win a ‘Team HeadStart’ t-shirt by taking part in our Google Review competition, stayed tuned for further opportunities!

Interested in participating? Our next market will be a special Lunar New Year themed event on Thursday 8th February. Contact our admin team by writing to [email protected].

HSN Friday Market Lunar New Year02 03

Registration for International Day Now Open!

We are delighted to extend a warm invitation to all our families to join us for our International Day celebrations. This event promises to be a vibrant and culturally enriching experience, showcasing the diversity that makes our school community so special.

📆 Date: Friday 15th March 2024

⏰ Time: 14:30-17:00

📍 Venue: Cherngtalay Campus

Our International Day festivities will feature a colourful array of cultural performances, international cuisine, interactive exhibits, and a warm atmosphere of unity. It’s an excellent opportunity for us to come together, celebrate our global community, and foster a deeper understanding of the rich tapestry of cultures represented at HeadStart. We would be honored by your presence as we celebrate diversity, promote cultural exchange, and strengthen the bonds that make HeadStart International School a truly international learning environment.

👉 Registration opens on Monday 5th February. Write to [email protected] to book your table and performance!

International Day 15Mar 01
Parent Meetings & Presentations

Zones of Regulation in KS1 Parent Meeting on 01.02.24

On Thursday, February 1st, we were delighted to welcome parents from our Reception to Year 2 classes to a workshop centered around the school’s adoption of the “Zones of Regulation” approach. The workshop provided a valuable opportunity for parents to explore and understand how this method empowers our students to articulate and manage their emotions effectively. By embracing the Zones of Regulation, our school is fostering a supportive environment where children can learn to self-regulate and promote well-being. Parents are encouraged to continue the conversation at home and reinforce these skills with their children.

To view a copy of the presentation, please see below.

Parent Meeting 17: Primary Maths Workshop

We invite parents of our Primary age children (Years 1 to 6) to join us for our latest parent meeting when we will run a workshop focused on Maths teaching and learning. We look forward to seeing you there! Thursday 8th February 2024 from 8:15-9:30am in the Primary Hall (second floor of Sports Building).

HSN Parent Meeting poster 017 Facebook 1280 x 720 px
PE & Sports

The PE Department and all our students are excitedly preparing for this year’s Sports Days! We are looking forward to what will no doubt be an enjoyable few days, with students working hard to develop their skills across all athletics events. We look forward to seeing many of you cheering on our students during this fantastic event.

sports day 24 02sports day 24 01sports day 24 03

Football News

Well done to the U11 Girls from both ChaoFah and Cherngtalay campuses as they played their latest friendly match against KIS. Great work rate and team work from all the players to produce some fantastic goals.

Foundation News

Learning Animal Names as Vets in Preschool

Preschoolers’ excitement for animals and their eagerness to learn names made our vet-themed activities highly engaging. Creating vet practice pictures allowed children to choose from a selection of animals needing care, placing them skillfully on the vet’s table and positioning assistants nearby. Adding vibrant colours with pencils added an extra layer of enjoyment, reinforcing vocabulary, exploring colours, and mastering prepositions while aligning with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. - Miss Anna

Mastering the Thai Alphabet in Early Years

Exciting news from our Early Years classrooms! Our little learners are happily delving into the Thai Alphabet ก-ฮ in their Thai class. Engaging activities and games make learning both fun and educational. From playful games to interactive exercises, our Early Years students are mastering the Thai alphabet and developing a love of language and cultural exploration. It’s heartening to see our youngest members enthusiastically embrace the joy of learning Thai letters! - Kru Tee

Primary News

Learning to Programme Beebots in Year 2

Before heading to the Computer suite for their Computing lesson, Year 2 students had a kinesthetic experience in the classroom! Working in teams on a big grid laid out on our classroom mat, they used simple instructions like “move forward” and “quarter turn left” to guide an object through a maze. This fun activity improved their understanding of space and problem-solving. During the lesson, they enjoyed discussing and planning together how to move the object, strengthening teamwork and critical thinking skills. This experience set the stage for future exploration in computer programming and logical thinking.

Advancing from physical grids, the Year 2 students then applied their spatial skills in the computing lesson by guiding a Beebot through a digital maze. Providing instructions on the computer not only reinforced their learning but also introduced basic programming concepts. The combination of these tasks enhanced their problem-solving abilities and introduced them to the world of computing in a fun and accessible way. - Mr. Patel

Introducing the ‘99 Club’ in Year 1 Maths

In Year 1, the focus is often on foundational mathematical concepts, and mental maths plays a crucial role in establishing a solid base for future mathematical learning. Swift mental calculations enhance a child’s confidence, enabling them to actively participate in class activities and develop a positive attitude towards mathematics.

This week, Year 1 were introduced to a new weekly challenge - the ‘99 Club’ - whereby students are given 5 minutes to answer a set of addition and subtraction problems quickly and efficiently. The first task is to complete 11 questions correctly in the time allotted. Once a student has achieved this, they move on to answering 22 questions in the same time, with the ultimate aim of answering 99 questions in 5 minutes and mastering the ‘99 Club’! Introducing a sense of competition makes learning a fun and interactive experience for young learners. Moreover, quick mental maths skills in Year 1 set the stage for efficient problem-solving, preparing students for future academic challenges. - Mr. Williams

Collaborating to Learn New Division Methods in Year 5

In Year 5 maths, the students have been working extremely hard as they learn a new written method for division and demonstrated this by working together using place value grids to show exchanges. Learning division strategies is crucial as it builds on foundational skills and introduces more advanced concepts. Mastering division strategies enhances a student’s ability to solve complex mathematical problems, promoting a deeper understanding of numerical relationships. Collaborating with a partner to solve problems also builds team-working skills and encourages high-quality classroom talk. - Mrs. Williams

Student Success Outside School

Celebrating Romeo’s Tennis Success

Romeo in Year 2 won 3rd place (bronze medal) in the Under 8 category at the PTT Southern Thailand Open - a Tennis Tournament held in Surat Thani.

More Chess Success for Luka

In the latest Chess Tournament in the HeadStart series held at our Chaofah campus on Saturday 20th January, Luka in Year 5 achieved a fantastic second place finish. Building on his success at previous events in the series, it is clear that Luka has a bright chess future ahead of him!

Promotions from Around the Island

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