01 Aug
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Cherngtalay Campus Opening August 2023

We are delighted to announce that we have started construction of our new school in Cherngtalay. The new school campus is located on a 20 Rai (32,000 square meters) property off of the main Sri Sunthon Road opposite Blue Tree and directly next to Kajonkiet Cherngtalay School. Google Maps location link: HeadStart Cherngtalay Campus

The new school campus will be built in 4 phases with the first phase opening in August 2023. We have announced ambitious completion targets for previous school development projects and understandably, these were questioned. With diligent planning and an excellent team, we have met our previous targets and we are confident that we will be able to do so again with this new project. The first phase of the school will have the capacity for 200 students from Preschool to Year 6 and will include the facilities listed below. Please see the School Plans (also below) for more information.

3 Foundation Classrooms 6 Primary Classrooms
1 Computer Classroom 4 Language Classrooms
1 Music & Art Classroom Indoor Playroom
Playground Lunch Room & Kitchen
Indoor Basketball & Sports Hall Changing Rooms & Restrooms
Dance & Sports Studios Children’s Swimming Pool
Covered Sports Field Sports Offices
Security & Admin Offices Management Offices
Coffee Shop Drop-off Area & Parking
Underground Parking Utilities Storage

HeadStart Cherngtalay will operate as part of our current HeadStart School and will provide students and their families the same high standard of teaching and quality learning experiences that your children enjoy as part of the HeadStart experience. The Teaching Staff at HeadStart Cherngtalay will include many dynamic and experienced teachers who are already on our team that will be relocating to the new campus as well as a mix of new high-quality staff recruited from the UK (a number of which have already been appointed) and some tremendous former HeadStart teachers who have decided to return to work with us for the coming school year. We are confident that this will enable us to ensure that the ethos and DNA of the HeadStart experience will successfully be transplanted and instilled into our new school.

We would like to invite all parents with children in classes from Preschool to Year 5 to a presentation about our new school at 8.15 am on Thursday, February 9th. The presentation will be held at our current campus. If you are interested in coming to the presentation to find out more about our new school, please register at the following link: Presentation Registration.

If you have friends whose children do not currently attend HeadStart but who are interested in potentially having their children enrolled at the new campus, please feel free to invite them to this presentation. They should also fill out the registration form so we can ensure to prepare for the right number of people. I look forward to seeing you next week and to giving you more information about this exciting new development.

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