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Andrew Whittaker

Head of Foundation and Primary
[email protected]

Hello to the HeadStart community. I am delighted to be joining such a vibrant International School at such an exciting time in its development and I look forward to getting to know the children, parents and staff during this first year of what I trust will be the beginning of many more to come. I originally worked as a Stockbroker and then in Commercial Finance in the United Kingdom before I retrained, completing a four year BEd (Hons) degree at Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom and have spent sixteen years teaching in the Independent sector there; the last seven years as Deputy Head of a Preparatory School in Hertfordshire. There are three guiding principles which I try to develop in all children and live my life by, these are: Self Reliance; Positive Thinking; and Leaving people and places in a better state than when you found them. I believe that in order to prepare our children to make a valuable contribution as citizens in their global society following these guiding principles will stand them in good stead; especially as it is expected that they will be using technologies as yet undiscovered and working in jobs and dealing with problems that have not yet been created. My wife and I have travelled many times to the beautiful country of Thailand, however, not since our daughter was born, so we are very much looking forward to introducing her to the wonderful people, food and places of Thailand and South East Asia. “It takes a village to raise a child” as the saying goes … and we here at HeadStart are in a partnership with you as parents in order to ensure your child achieves their true potential and to be the best that they can be – for there is a spark of greatness in everyone.

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Exam Revision Guides

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