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Charlotte Myers

[email protected]

My name is Charlotte and I am entering my fifth year of teaching primary children. I absolutely love teaching Year 1 and this is the age where I have most of my experience so I am very excited to be in Year 1 at HeadStart! I grew up in the North of England in a city named Leeds. I then went to University in Liverpool where I studied Creative Writing. Throughout my degree, knowing that I wanted to eventually become a teacher, I volunteered at schools in Liverpool, working with children who spoke English as a second language. Working with EAL children has proven a consistent and focal part of my career and has prepared me well for teaching overseas. To qualify as a teacher, I relocated to the South of England and completed the Graduate Teacher Program at a prestigious school in Buckingham. Upon qualifying as a teacher I taught in England for three years which was a very rewarding time professionally. I then moved overseas to Chiayaphum in Thailand I worked as a Year 1 teacher in a government school. Following this I taught in Vietnam, before moving to the Middle East where I taught in an outstanding international school in Dubai, where I thoroughly enjoyed being a Year 1 teacher. I believe that it is in an environment of mutual respect that talents can thrive and I make my classroom that place. I am a cheerful, nurturing and excited teacher which consistently proves a successful approach when working with young children. I believe that when lessons are both fun and challenging children are engrossed; which leads to maximizing their progress. As I demonstrate daily that I love my job and love being with the children, they recognize this and in turn strive to impress, which again leads to the children achieving their full potential. Children always enjoy being in my classroom and this shows with their positive attitudes to learning. I strive myself on building a positive learning environment in which children feel confident, secure and most importantly happy. Outside of the classroom I enjoy being fit and healthy and love cooking lots of healthy foods. I love sports, in particular rugby and sprinting. I also really enjoy singing so will spend lots of time singing with the children throughout Year 1. I am also currently learning to play the ukulele but I need more practice before I let the children hear me! I am so eager for the year to begin and very excited to watch the children grow.

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