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Holly Strawbridge

[email protected]

My name is Holly Strawbridge and I am looking forward to teaching Early Years at Headstart this year. I am from the United Kingdom and grew up in Doncaster, however I have been studying for my BA (Hons) in Early Primary Education in Newcastle for the last three years. My post at HeadStart will be my first teaching position and I truly appreciate the opportunity to begin my career in a country and school that promote cultural diversity. HeadStart’s philosophy is what made me apply for this role, as I believe that inspiring and developing a love for learning in the Early Years provides a strong foundation for every child. In my experience, children learn best in exciting, motivating and imaginative lessons that capture their interest and ensure their engagement. For me, this means working in an environment that not only celebrates children’s academic success, but also nurtures their creativity. When children learn through hands on experiences and play, they are able to develop their confidence, life skills and explore for themselves. By having fun and exploring ideas for themselves, children are able to make sense of their world and thrive. Mathematics is arguably the most abstract subject of all and during my training I wanted to develop my ability to teach it effectively and creatively, therefore when given the opportunity, I chose it as my specialism enhancement subject. I recognise the importance of mathematics as a core subject within the National Curriculum and have always enjoyed the challenges posed by the subject. By transmitting my positive and proactive attitude, by making learning memorable with links to the real world, I believe that I will be able to improve the negative attitudes often associated with mathematics, and subsequently positively impact children’s competence and confidence. I also believe that a strong partnership between home and school is essential for the wellbeing of the children. Therefore, I look forward to working alongside you to nurture each individual and allow them to achieve their full potential.

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