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Jack Scott

Year 1 White
[email protected]

My name is Jack and I am now entering my third year as a teacher. I am originally from Portsmouth in the South of England, but have lived all over the UK including Newcastle, the Isle of Wight and Berkshire. Before becoming a teacher, I worked in the outdoor activity industry where I did activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, and hiking. Working with children during my role as an activity instructor made me realise that I wanted to be a teacher. I then studied at the University of Chichester, where I gained a First Class degree in Primary Education and Teaching. Since becoming a qualified teacher I have been working in Year 2 at a school in Portsmouth. I am a great believer in learning through discovery as I know that when I was a student I personally loved uncovering new and interesting things about the world I lived in. My teaching style offers pupils many opportunities to explore new subjects, whilst allowing them to incorporate their own experiences and knowledge. Through varying levels of support and challenge I hope to instil an attitude of independence and resilience that not only better prepares children for their academic future, but also makes them more reflective and autonomous learners. By promoting curiosity and open-mindedness in my classroom, I hope to nurture an inquisitive nature in my students that stimulates a lifelong love of learning. Outside of school, I am a big sports fan and enjoy watching rugby, Formula 1 racing, cricket, golf, and American football. When on my holidays I will always take every opportunity to go skiing, but now that I have moved to Phuket, I may have to find other activities to replace my favourite hobby. Since arriving in Thailand, I have received such a warm welcome that I cannot wait to explore the rest of the country. I am looking forward to starting at HeadStart school and working with all the children and parents.

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