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Jean-Robert Louis Jaffre

Head Football Coach
[email protected]

Helllo! I am Coach JR and I come from France. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in 'Mental Preparation and Psychology in Sport' I also have official Certification as a Football Trainer from France as follows: BEES1/BEES2 /DEF/DEPF. When I was 16 years old I went for official training with FC NANTES. When I was 18 I played my first game as a professional in League 1. I played for 12 years in the Nantes Football Club After which I played for 5 years for Stade Brestois in League 1. I finished my career as a footballer at the Stade Quimperois League 2. I have coached football for 19 years for amateur and professional levels. The last team that I coached in France was the Stade brestois professional League 2. Now I am very pleased to transmit my passion and my experience to the football players at HeadStart. Being a dictator is not my philosophy. Every trainer and coach sees football differently according to his own training, passion, life as a player, personality to and this is a good thing. The role of teaching the young, for me is, above all to allow the players to dream. To help them progress, infusing them with your passion, while respecting all the children no matter their ability. Each period in the life of a young footballer corresponds to a stage in his training, with a specific set of skills to work on. At the start of a season a coach responsible for a team of young players sets his sights on training objectives aimed at improving all the football basics. To do this the coach must efficiently structure the season in training cycles according to the child’s age following these 4 main themes : Technique / Individual tactics / Team tactics / Physical I am very happy to be working at HeadStart and look forward to the new football season.

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