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Kamilah Bilbé

Head of Faculty Creative Arts
[email protected]

As an artist, photographer and educator, I thoroughly enjoy inspiring young artists to expand and explore more challenging horizons and produce artwork of a high quality. I believe that students should be challenged to think critically and question information, ideas and contextual theories through the use of their artwork using digital and traditional media. As children grow they acquire prejudices that they constantly desire to unravel and de-mystify. I find it most exciting, challenging and debating with them through creative activity and discussion. Art harnesses the potential in students to use explorative pathways in order to understand about other cultures and the diverse realities of the world around them. I have trained and worked as an outstanding art, photography and technology teacher whilst taking on additional roles within an art department and across whole school curriculum development and the local community. As a result I have delivered training in areas such as differentiation, activities to engage students and progress tracking methods at staff training days at the school I was previously employed and external local schools and colleges. After obtaining my BA (hons) degree in Fine Art at the University of the Creative Arts, Canterbury where I studied, painting, sculpture, photography, film and installation art, I went on to train for my Post Graduate Certificate in Education in Art and Design at the University of Reading. Whilst teaching full time I decided to enhance my career professional development by undertaking a Masters in Education at the University of Reading. Expeditionary learning, experiential learning, learning styles and alternative communication modes used for assessment are areas of action research studied during my Masters degree. In addition to my passion for art I am devoted to the outdoors. Wild camping, hiking, rock climbing mountain biking, scuba diving, surfing, wakeboarding and snowboarding are some of the many activities that I take part in out of school. For me, time spent in the outdoors can help develop the mind and progress transferable skills. I have accompanied various school trips for camping and skiing where I have witnessed students develop in ways that are inaccessible in the classroom. Learning and development of the whole child is key in my approach of education.

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