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Peter Mason

Head of Business, Computing, and Technology
[email protected]

I am delighted to have joined the HeadStart team a year ago to fill the post of Head of Business, Computing, and Technology. I have 10 years of industrial experience and now 13 years of teaching and inspiring young minds, seven years of which were within one school in London, UK. Whist employed in London I became an experienced middle leader responsible to the ICT Faculty. I led, managed and contributed to the running of a strong Faculty, the academic successes of the students increased year-on- year and the whole school ICT development. The social and emotional successes of students are important to me along with the academics. With experience up to A-level in ICT and IGCSE in Business Studies I have followed the standards set by; AQA, Edexcel, British Computer Society and Cambridge International Examinations in Thailand and Malaysia. Inspiring values for life My primary aim with every student is to foster a good working relationship. When this is in place, learning is better and the implied life-skills are also learned. In my lessons I promote wellbeing so that students are happy, secure and confident; in turn they can see they are being valued for their individuality. In treating every student in this way, each student can develop spiritual and moral values, self-discipline, responsibility and respect for themselves, others and the environment. In my view all members of staff need to be energetic, passionate about their subject and committed to the value of an all-round education. In extending this I would hope it develops into a positive and inclusive relationship is nurtured with parents, school, and the wider community. I focus my reflective practices on students achieving their academic potential through outstanding teaching which is forward-looking, encourages independent thinking and lays the foundations for lifelong learning. I have enjoyed working with students from primary through to secondary school on an extra-curricular and enrichment level. I believe in an education that offers a wide range of enriching, enjoyable and challenging activities, which stimulate and develop the interests of each child, and promote healthy lifestyles. I am looking forward to another exciting academic year at HeadStart Phuket and hope to add to the successes already present in the school and continue to develop an inclusive learning environment.

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