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Richard Cramp

[email protected]

Hi, my name is Rich and I’ve been teaching History at HeadStart International School since 2015. Previously, I was an English and History teacher at Bromsgrove International School in Bangkok. My experience as an English and History teacher in international schools, along with a strong EAL background, has given me the tools to effectively teach students of differing abilities from all over the world. I am also in a position to empathise with international school students, having been one myself (I spent my first 12 years in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan). As HeadStart’s History teacher, I will ensure that students not only access the History curriculum, but do so in a lively, engaged classroom that inspires a love of history while developing their knowledge, skills and historical concepts. Every student has a potential that must be nurtured and encouraged. I do this by trying to instil a sense of personal connection or relevance to the topic, which in turn ignites his or her curiosity and motivation. In an increasingly globalised world, it is essential that students understand, and connect, to the issues we currently face by understanding how they came to be in the first place. This, along with the skills they learn, they can become truly equipped for new and future challenges. Apart from teaching, other passions include environmental activism (I help organise Trash Hero Phuket’s beach cleans), music (listening and composing), travel and being a consistently disappointed Tottenham Hotspur fan. To be able to live near the coast and teach a subject I’m so passionate about is fantastic. My wife and I are enjoying teaching and living in Phuket, especially because the lifestyle here gives our two children (also at HeadStart) an opportunity to grow up in the great outdoors.

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