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Tim Eke

[email protected]

My name is Tim and I'm excited to begin my second year at HeadStart School teaching Year 6. I began my teaching training after graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science (Genetics) from Leicester University in the United Kingdom. I gained Qualified Teacher Status at Middlesex University and began teaching a Year 2 class in Finchley, North London. I then worked at a flagship sustainable school in Hertfordshire, where I led English across the school. My third appointment was back in North London, with a promotion to a senior management role leading Mathematics across the school. I also took up post as an Assistant Head in this setting. It was then that I decided I would like to pursue a career teaching overseas. During my thirteen years teaching, I have taught each of the primary age groups. I enjoy teaching all subjects and love when children become 'switched on' to a new area of learning and develop their own passion for a subject. My teaching philosophy places a strong value on creating ‘Growth mindset’ classrooms, where children see failure as an opportunity for growth. In this regard, I have been particularly inspired by Carol Dweck’s research. I enjoy literature, the sciences and sports. I like to play football and tennis, to sail and to climb. It is an exciting time to be apart of the school as it continues its journey towards excellence and I am delighted to work in such a vibrant and diverse community with a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals.

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