Photo Competition

HeadStart Photographer of the Year Competition Now Open!

By Ms Kamilah Bilbe, former Head of Faculty for Creative Arts

Thank you very much in participating in the HeadStart Photographer of the Year 2018 and contributing to the effort to encourage photography in our school community.

The winners have been judged on:

  • Colour, Lighting, Exposure and Focus

  • Uniqueness and creativity

  • Clarity and quality of submission

Category: Nature/Students

1st Place: Denalyn Kwok Jen Li - A Glimpse of Eden

2nd Place: Vivek Khanal - Birdwatching

3rd Place: Keira Brain - Pineapple Crush

4th Place: Fleur Masson Sauter - Blue Sky

Honourable Mentions: Lika Shervashidze - ‘Fire Sunset’ and Teya Marie Reynolds - ‘Sunset Hues’

Category: Urban Structures/Students

1st Place: Zachariah Chong En Ee - Escalator

2nd Place: Esther Herbold - Old Phuket Town

3rd Place: Caitlin Scott - Beach City 2

Honourable Mentions: John Hall - Hong Kong Victoria Harbour IFC tower and Big wheel

Category: Nature/Adults

1st Place: Jonathan Kwok Peng Kwan - Rippling Reflections

2nd Place: Mike Gillam - Green Broadbill Feeding Chicks

3rd Place: Marilo de la Rosa - Macro Sea Life

4th Place: Henrik Oesten - Purple Dragon

Honourable Mentions - ‘Quirky Photo’ Ellie Leamon - ‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished’ / Amy Drew - Goats in Coats

Category: Urban Structures/Adults

1st Place: Edwin Dixon - Window Cleaning

2nd Place: Amanda Brain - 21st Century Old Hong Kong

3rd Place: Erika Cramp - Pathway to the Past. Angkor, Cambodia

Honourable Mentions: Michael Millington-White - San Francisco, Transamerica Tower

Most Inspirational Photograph: Alex Cuesta - Fishing Sunsets in Myanmar

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