Academic Results

Academic Results 2019

In Year 6, at the end of Key Stage 2, students sat the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint examinations in English, Mathematics and Science. Exams were taken under strict conditions (subject to inspection from Cambridge regional management) and marked by members of the Cambridge exam staff in the UK. The results of these examinations were given as a score ranging from 0.0 to 6.0. A score of 3.0 or better shows that the student has a sound understanding of the curriculum.

32 of our youngest students scored 6.0 in at least one of their Checkpoint subjects and two of our students achieved perfect scores in all three subjects (Mathematics, English and Science). Our warmest congratulations go out to all HeadStart students and teachers for the effort and hard work that was necessary to gain these fantastic results. Overall,

  • 89% of all scores were 3.0 or higher: “A sound understanding of the curriculum”
  • 37% of all scores were 5.0 or higher: “An excellent understanding of the curriculum”
  • 16% of all scores were 6.0 (The maximum score available)
Checkpoint Exams 2019 01 01
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