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Life beyond the Classroom

Being part of the HeadStart Community goes far beyond the learning within the classrooms. Making a difference and educating our students to become responsible global citizens is not only embedded in our curriculum but is demonstrated in the caring attitudes in our teachers, students and parents.

Every term we focus on one charitable project to support. From this our students, of all ages, take part in activities and gain a level of understanding into some of the problems faced by others around the country and around the world.

Our Primary and Secondary students work as a dedicated group to get involved and find ways to support and help our focus charities. From sponsored swim- a -thons to bake sales, our students are fully committed to solving problems and gives them an appreciation into the importance of charity work.

Who we have supported

A lot of thought goes into who we will support over the academic year, and our recent projects have reached all over Thailand. The generosity from our school community has contributed to a number of projects such as; collecting in food and school donations for the Barnhem School in Phuket, providing enough socks and blankets to warm up over 400 children placed at the Border Police Schools in the Tak province of Thailand, and last year, we collected in, and transported, over 300 shoe box Christmas gifts to the North of Thailand (The Children of the Forest) in our Operation Christmas Child gift appeal.

Local and National charities are not the only projects we dig deep for. We recently hosted a number of fund raising events to help a member of staff receive some essential, overseas medical treatment. The goodwill and kindness shown by our community resulted in a substantial amount of money being donated, which not only paid for the necessary treatment but also helped to fund a recovery programme.

Being a part of the HeadSart community means supporting and looking after each other and our neighbours near and far. A sense of pride and satisfaction is gained from knowing that, no matter how small, when we work together as team, we can make a very big difference.

‘Charitable and community work shows their willingness to support those less fortunate than themselves. This means they receive a broad education to develop as well-rounded individuals.’ Education Development Trust (EDT) Accreditation Report, June 2017

Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2017

Launching a new charity initiative can always be a challenge for a number of different reasons. Some people may not fully understand the intention behind it, some perhaps do not want to get involved, or sometimes people just haven’t got the time to help. Some of these concerns came to mind as we initially rolled out our Christmas Charity Campaign back in Term 1, The Christmas Gift Shoebox Appeal.

After a lot of effort on everyone’s part we are proud to announce that the HeadStart community raised such a significant amount of presents for children in need around Phuket and that we ended up giving 600 gifts to 9 different schools and charities across the island: Phuket Sunshine Village, Holland House, Bahn Pitak, World Vision – Patong, Kathu Special Needs School, Phuket Youth Football Home, Life Home Project, ‘Yes’ School Rawai, Barnhem Children’s Home. We truly appreciate all of your kind donations support and generosity in this appeal.

Year 10 Visits Special Needs School Phuket

Year 10 students visited a Special Needs school in Phuket. The students led them in playing, exercising and read stories to the children. They also brought flowers and gifts for the children and teachers. Win performed a magic show and at the end sang a Thai song called ‘Never Give Up’.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2015

Christmas 2015 HeadStart collected 300 shoe boxes filled with gifts, toys and essentials for the Children of the Forest Foundation. To find out more about how you can get involved with sponsoring or donating to this needy cause click here

Donation of Playground Equipment

HeadStart donates playground equipment to the Phuket Sunshine Village. To find out more about how you can get involved with sponsoring or donating to this needy cause click here

Fundraiser for Heart Surgery for HeadStart Staff

One of our very own Deputy teachers, Ms Jo Ann Capalihan, had suffered from heart disease since she was young and was in need of a very costly heart surgery. The HeadStart community pulled together to raise over 150,000 Baht to cover medical and recovery fees. Ms Jo Ann is now healthy and strong and continues to be a Deputy teacher at the school.

Barnhem Foundation Activity Day

HeadStart sponsored a play day, lunch and activities for the children of the Barnhem Foundation. The children had a great day at the new HeadStart facility exploring the indoor playroom, sports hall and swimming pool. The school collected many needed items for the children. To find out more about how you can get involved with sponsoring or donating to this needy cause click here

Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2014

Parents and students pack and send over 200 shoe boxes filled with toys and supplies for the Asia Foundation Center. To find out more about how you can get involved with sponsoring or donating to this needy cause click here

Fundraising for Gibbon Rehabilitation Center

HeadStart takes up the challenge to help end animal cruelty and supports the Gibbon Rehabilitation Center by inviting the Gibbons to have a day at the school interacting with students, reading in the Library and eating school lunch. We also gave donations for the gibbons food and medical care. To find out more about how you can get involved with sponsoring or donating to this needy cause click here

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