Student Leadership

Head Boy and Head Girl

The Head Boy & Head Girl are considered to be role models and must act accordingly. They are chosen from students who exemplify good behavior, grades and attendance. They supervise the Prefects and ensure their duties are being carried out. The Head Boy & Girl may be asked to represent the school at public events and may be asked to make speeches. It is the highest honor the school can give to any student.

The selection process for Head Boy & Head Girl involves each candidate collecting two nominations from two different teachers to demonstrate that they are suitable candidates. Candidates also must write a personal statement, explaining why they are the best choice for the position. Each candidate is interviewed by the Head of Pastoral Care. In the interviews each candidate will be asked a number of questions relating to the role of Head Boy & Head Girl. The final decision rests with the Head and Deputy Head of Secondary.

The role of Head boy and Head Girl includes jobs such as running and organising the Student Council, supervising the Prefects. In addition, the Head Boy & Head Girl will participate in flag raising, talking to the whole school about various issues, giving speeches at award ceremonies and other events in the school throughout the year.

Student Leadership for 2019-2020 Academic Year

Julianna Mester (Head Girl)

Being Deputy Head Girl last year was an incredible experience and I was able to learn so much from our former Head Boy and Head Girl. As this year’s Head Girl I hope to encourage students to get more involved in activities and events, to excel in their studies and to grow as human beings. I cannot wait for the events we have lined up for this year and the student leadership team has already begun to organise them. Hope everyone has a great school year!

Vasco de Graaff (Head Boy)

This year I am looking forward to being a key part of student leadership at HeadStart. I strongly believe that students should be able to express their opinions and push for the changes they want to see in school. This is able to happen through our student leadership team that we are constantly trying to improve and become more efficient at addressing student concerns. We want to get students more involved with all the activities we have planned. Hope everyone has a great start to the year!

Evan Lee (Deputy Head Boy)

Hello, My name is Evan. I’m 16 years old and currently studying in year 12. Although I am Korean, I have lived in Thailand for my entire life. I have only been in HeadStart for 2 years. However, I’m very pleased to be contributing to our community as Deputy Head Boy this year. I will try my best to help the students and school by presenting myself as a great role model for my peers. As the HeadStart community continues to develop, I hope we can encourage more students to take part in activities and events this year.

Lucy Mester (Deputy Head Girl)

Hello, I’m Lucy from year 12. I’m half Australian and half French and I’m HeadStart’s 2019-2020 Deputy Head Girl. I’ve been at the school for over 7 years and have seen the school grow into what it is today. I’m excited to work with the students, parents and teachers to continue to create a safe and fun learning environment. I hope I can make a positive impact on the HeadStart community and help the progression of the school.

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Vasco De Graaff

Head Boy

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Julianna Mester

Head Girl

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Evan Hyunseung Lee

Deputy Head Boy

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Lucy Mester

Deputy Head Girl

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Hayeon Song

Year 13 Prefect

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Phet Thanaphat Frederiksen

Year 13 Prefect

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Jinna Phaisamran

Year 13 Prefect

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John Hatt

Year 13 Prefect

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Jake Antognoli

Year 12 Prefect

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Elizaveta Stashevskaia

Year 12 Prefect

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Brendon Boyle

Year 12 Prefect

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Ben Caspi

Year 12 Prefect

Ruphi Eungyeol Kang

Year 12 Prefect

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Sara Bokobza De La Rosa

Year 11 Prefect

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Chanattha Sinsawaiphol

Year 11 Prefect

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Calvin Van Der Laan

Year 11 Prefect

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Gemma Brain

Year 11 Prefect

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Anna Mali Hull

Year 11 Prefect

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Jeremie Perthuis

Senior Prefect

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Charlie Suzuki

Senior Prefect

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Yoonkyung Lee

Senior Prefect

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Natdhawat Pankudrua

Senior Prefect

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