HeadStart International School is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education to provide a range of educational programmes from Preschool to Secondary level. After achieving recognition from Cambridge International Examinations in 2011, HeadStart is now a proud member of the Cambridge International School Network.

Cambridge International School Network

HeadStart has been a proud member of the Cambridge International Schools Network since 2011. CIE prepare school students for life by kindling a passion for lifelong education and learning and an informed curiosity about the world. CIE are part of Cambridge assessment, a department of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge’s international qualifications are recognised the world over by universities and employers alike. This in turn gives students a wide range of options in their education and career choices.

ISQM - International School Quality Mark

The ISQM ‘International School Quality Mark’ is a respected school accreditation for schools that offer an international curriculum.

ISQM accreditation provides an objective assurance to students, parents, staff and proprietors that a school has been judged by independent evaluators to meet rigorous quality standards. External quality assurance is essential for all good and ambitious schools, as it offers an informed and objective endorsement of school quality. ISQM goes further and provides an agenda for improvement. All good or outstanding schools seek continuous improvement and ISQM provides external analysis of developmental priorities.

EDT ISQM award functions within a distinct framework of ideals and standards that a recognised school must adhere to. Through a well-defined preparatory process a school must prove that it has met the recognised international standards based on strong educational practice and high expectations. The ISQM is awarded on a differentiated basis for a period of three years. The three-year cycle of accreditation ensures that standards are regularly reviewed while a school maintains an ongoing commitment to improvement and development.

Education Development Trust

In 2014, HeadStart passed the rigorous EDT (Education Development Trust) accreditation process to be awarded their ‘International School Quality Mark’. EDT, are a UK based organisation and a leading international authority on school inspection and improvement whose mission and values include excellence in learning outcomes, integrity and purpose in education and providing outstanding education solutions. It is with great pride that we at HeadStart are affiliated with and accredited by EDT and adhere to their high standards. For more information visit the Education Development Trust website.

EDT Bronze Accreditation in 2014

In 2014 HeadStart International School, Phuket passed the final verification visit of the accreditation process and was awarded the CfBT ISQM Award. We are now fully accredited by CfBT and are continuing to work hard with them to ensure that the standards adhered to in order to receive this prestigious award are maintained and improved upon with each passing term and year.

EDT Silver Accreditation in 2017

In June 2017, a team of inspectors visited HeadStart to observing 44 lessons, held 19 meetings and spoke to numerous students formally, as well as countless others informally as they traveled around the school. They also held key meetings with parent representatives, the school board and members of the school management team. In all of the 8 accreditation standards the school was rated as good with outstanding features and we now have achieved Silver.

Standards 2014 Accreditation HeadStart’s Self Rating 2017 Accreditation
Standard 1: standards reached by students in their work and the progress they make Satisfactory Good Good
Standard 2: Students’ personal development Good Good with some Outstanding elements Outstanding
Standard 3: Teaching and learning Satisfactory Good Overall (But strengths and weaknesses reflected) Good
Standard 4: The curriculum Satisfactory Good Good with some elements Outstanding
Standard 5: Quality and quantity of accommodation and resources Satisfactory Good with some Outstanding Good moving towards Outstanding
Standard 6: How well the school cares for and supports its students Good Good in all sections Good
Standard 7: The school’s partnership with parents and the community Good Moving towards Outstanding Outstanding
Standard 8: Leadership, Management and Governance Satisfactory Good with some elements of outstanding Good with some elements of outstanding
ISQM Certificate HeadStart
ISQM Logo Silver
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