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The Year 7 students have been working on their practical skills all year in science particularly how to work together and carry out experiments safely in the classroom. They are currently working on Acids and Alkalis and using universal indicator to test for pH which they are all really enjoying and putting a lot of hard work into.

Prom 2017

English and Humanities Faculty Week 2017

Phuket Mining Museum

The Year 9s went on a field trip to the Phuket Mining Museum in Kathu. They learnt the rich history of mining in Phuket and how the industry helped Phuket thrive in the 1800’s. Students also saw transport and living styles of the late 1800’s. Many students took interest in the clothes, shops and the fact that in those days Chinese men believed that if they had long hair it would saw they were healthy so they wouldn’t cut their hair. To finish the field trip they had a quiz that contained information that they learned about on the trip. By Ms Milner

Prom 2016

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