Student Testimonials

I study at HeadStart because it is so friendly and I really like my teachers. Year 11 student

I have been at HeadStart for 5 years and it is my family. Year 11 student

HeadStart students look after each other. Year 11 student

I came to HeadStart from a neighbouring country and when I was there I was very unhappy and had a lot of pressure and did not study well. Here I have found the support I need with my academics and I love the school. Year 11 student

I chose HeadStart because A Levels have more freedom with subject choice and there is a group of very talented and dedicated teachers. HeadStart also has a friendly and innovative environment for learning. Year 13 student

HeadStart has a strong group of teachers and dedicated members of staff who are always looking for ways to improve the school. I am also very excited to be in the new campus. Year 13 student

I feel extremely supported at HeadStart. Teachers are always there to encourage me in every aspect. Tina Sowton, Year 13

I recommend HeadStart to new students. It is a very caring environment with the right amount of independence which helps us to get ready for university life in the future. However, I also feel a lot of support and I always know who to go to when I encounter a problem and teachers always try to help us. Hyerin Cho, Year 12

I chose HeadStart because A levels have freedom with subject choice and there is a group of very talented and dedicated teachers. HeadStart also has a friendly and innovative environment for learning. Abhishek Mathur, Year 13 graduate

Teachers are approachable and I find it easy to ask them for help. The School has a very friendly atmosphere. Karina Abday, Year 13 graduate

Teachers have been very supportive in all areas of school life. In lessons, they are patient and understanding. I’m grateful to have them supporting me. I intend to go to university in Germany when I complete Year 13. HeadStart has helped me prepare for this through self -reliance and freedom to undertake my own learning it has given me a taste of what’s to come. Andrew Heinz, Year 13 graduate

At HeadStart, it is clear to us as students that our teachers really live by our school ethos of ‘inspiring a love of learning’. Teachers value our holistic development, and although the focus on academic development is very strong, we are also encouraged and supported to achieve our full potential in sports, arts and other fields.

Being the first International school in Phuket to offer A levels, we are given opportunities to choose subjects we are passionate about. We are prepared for university and beyond and gain the skills to be independent with our learning without hesitation to seek the support of our teachers and peers.

If I were asked to describe HeadStart in one word, it would be family. The school may have outgrown its humble roots as a home school, but it certainly has not outgrown its core values. Having been a member of the HeadStart community for a number of years, it is evidently apparent that the school maintains a welcoming and caring atmosphere. HeadStart may only be a small chapter in our lives, but it is one which has built a foundation for our futures, and one we will certainly not forget.

Morgan Kieffer and Isabelle Fruehwirth, Year 13 graduates, former Head Boy and Head Girl for 2016-2017

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