UPrep Programme

In addition to our ongoing commitment to ensure that all of our students excel in their secondary academic studies and achieve the highest possible grades, the UPrep programme (University Preparation Programme) focuses on evaluating students’ individual strengths, needs and career goals and provides university preparation, counselling and placement for HeadStart students. The UPrep team works closely with students and their families to provide the counsel and support necessary for students to successfully secure the right university pathways. The school hosts meetings presenting general information regarding applying to university (see topics below) as well as drop in sessions where parents can come to school for a cup of coffee and have an informal chat with our Sixth From team regarding individual applications. These will be announced in the school’s weekly update and invitations sent out by email.

Week What will the talk be about? Who might be interested?
“What’s new in UPrep?” Introduction to HeadStart UPrep Talks this academic year, including an introduction to our new partner UniFrog, a careers and university portal service for all parents and students All interested parents, especially families with children in Secondary. Unifrog is a valuable tool for finding out about all things to do with the world of work and universities around the world - FREE if you sign up through HeadStart! Come and find out how to do this…
‘Standardised Testing’ Information about the different tests university applications require, including standardised tests like SAT, language tests like IELTS and TOEFL, planning a testing schedule for your child and how to prepare for them. Families with older children who are preparing for university study, years 10-13 in particular.
‘Your Child’s 5 Year Plan’ A general outline of what families can be doing to help their child prepare for university applications. This includes guidance on how to use the free resources on UniFrog. Designed for parents of younger children, in Years 6-9, but should be interesting to parents with older or younger children.
‘Comparing different university systems’ Find out the basic differences between university / college study around the world - how might studying in the UK, USA, Europe, Canada or Asia differ from each other. Any parents unfamiliar with international university systems or unsure about destinations. Particularly interesting for parents with children in year 10-12.
‘How to apply to University’ Information about the different components of university applications - what students need to present and how to ensure that each part of the application is the best it can be! Families with older children who are preparing for university study, years 10-13 in particular.
‘Top Universities’ A look at the best universities in the world and the various entry requirements for different courses and countries. Families with older children who are preparing for university study, and parents of gifted students who are planning ambitious university applications.
‘Applying to the UK and Europe’ Important details and information about how applications to the UK and other European destinations work. Any families interested in the UK or other European destinations for their child’s university study.
‘Applying to the USA / Canada’ Important details and information about how applications to the USA and Canada work. Any families interested in the USA or Canada for their child’s university study.
‘Thai Universities’ Information about the top universities in Thailand, their entry requirements and how to apply through TICAS Any families interested in the Thailand, both Thai nationals and international applicants, for their child’s university study.
‘Applying to Universities in Asia’ Important details and information about how applications to countries such as Australia, Singapore and China work. Any families interested in Asian Universities for their child’s university study.
‘Show me the Money’ This session will compare the costs of different universities, countries and systems. It will outline key terminology and talk through basic information about financial aid and scholarships. Anyone who wants more information about costs, particularly parents for whom money is a factor in decision making.
‘Help your child choose a career’ How to talk to your child about their career options and what tools are available to help focus children start to think about their future choices. Any interested parents, especially Secondary families.
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UPrep Meeting Information

Calendar and Key Dates

August 15 Results Day
October 5 SAT test
  15 UK Oxbridge and Early Deadline
  31 BMAT/ Oxford tests
November 2 SAT test
  15 US application deadline
December 2 Portfolio admission Thai Universities
  7 SAT test
  14 HeadStart deadline
January 15 UK/Canada/Holland final deadline
February 22 GAT/ PAT Tests
  25 UK Extra Open
  28 Singapore deadline
  29 O-NET Tests
March 14 9 Subjects Test (Thai Uni)/SAT tests
  27 O-NET Results
  30 Canada deadline
  31 Final Decision
April 1 Holland deadline/ GAT/ PAT Results
  5 9 Subjects Test Result
May   AS/ A Level Exams
June   AS/ A Level Exams/SAT tests
  17 Chulalongkorn University deadline
July 5 UK Clearing Open
  15 Germany deadline
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