U-Prep Programme

HeadStart is proud to announce the launch of U-Prep, a new service which will provide university preparation, counselling and placement for HeadStart students.

In addition to our ongoing commitment to ensure that all of our students excel in their secondary academic studies and achieve the highest possible grades, the U-Prep team and programme will also focus on evaluating students’ individual strengths, needs and career goals. The U-Prep team will work closely with students and their families to provide the counsel and support necessary for students to successfully secure the right university pathways.

U-Prep Meetings

Meetings are held every Thursday at 8:15am (location to be announced a week ahead in the weekly update) to cover questions and issues that parents have in relation to University applications. The downloads provided below are from presentations that have been given by Ms Gemma Caines in Term 2.

The cost of Applying to University

Before parents can think about the cost of sending their child to university, the application procedure must be completed. The application process differs from country to country and institution to institution and so does the price of the application. University application costs will vary depending on where the student applying to, how many applications they make and what programmes they are applying for. Application costs therefore differ from student to student and these costs are passed on to parents for their child’s application.

Many universities require direct payment of an individual fee at the point of application. In the USA this usually ranges between US$25 to $100 per application. Canadian and Australian universities are similar - the University of British Columbia charges (in Canadian dollars) $116 and Monash University charges (in Australian dollars) $100 to process an international student application. Some university applications are free for all students, others will charge students with citizenship a cheaper application rate. Some systems will accept a fee waiver but this needs to be discussed with school before applying.

The UK operates its university application system through a central portal called UCAS–University and Colleges Admissions Service. Not only is this one of the cheaper application systems (5 applications are processed for one cost) it is one of the few systems where school can pay for the application directly, making the process significantly faster and easier. Parents will be billed for this once the UCAS application has been sent at a one-off (cost price) payment of approximately 1400฿ (this will vary depending on the exchange rate at the time of application and the exact rate charged by UCAS).

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