HeadStart’s Sports Academies are designed for our top sports performers and school representative athletes from the age of 10 years old and up. We currently have two sports academies, one for swimming and one for football. Academies run from 4:30-6:00 pm daily and occasionally on Saturday mornings. This development pathway creates further opportunities for children to develop skills in our core sports and in turn ensure our competitive school teams develop and are successful. We have professional Head Coaches for each Academy backed up by a very experienced coaching staff in both sports.

HeadStart Swimming Academy

Head Coach Zack Brown

The HeadStart Swim Academy pushes each student-athlete to strive both in the classroom and the pool. Our training schedule offers 10 practices per week so our students can maximize their study time and continue with their development in the water. Each session for the Aqua Panthers offers technique work, endurance building, and race strategy. Our goal is to help each athlete develop focus, determination, time management, self-discipline, and a strong work ethic.

All swimming competitions and events will be announced in the weekly updates, emailed to parents and are recorded in the calendar.

Team Records can be found here

HeadStart Football Academy

At the HeadStart Football academy we aim to develop every school team footballer to achieve the best they can. Our football program at HeadStart is designed to gradually develop our school team players physical, technical and tactical attributes and ensure they achieve their full potential and continue to develop a real love of Football from 7 to 18 years old.

At the start of the academic school year, we have new specific training objectives aimed at improving our football across all ages. We have structured the season in training cycles according to the child’s age. Each training cycle has key aims and objectives outlined which vary and develop in complexity as the age range increases. Within this there are four key themes or focus points we will develop that run through all age ranges these are: physical, technical, tactical and game situation. We will look to develop these 4 key elements in different ways and differing complexities in each age range throughout the year.

The HeadStart Football Academy program will consist of:

  • 80 training sessions (3 sessions per week for all players U9- U15)
  • Themed age related objectives.
  • Sessions based on age groups and ability levels.
  • Detailed session plans for each training session.
  • Half termly football cycle outlines for coaches to follow.
  • Half termly fitness tests on Physical, Technical, Tactical and Psychological attributes.
  • Dietary and Health information for players and parents.

Our coaches will follow the training schedules so as to fully develop all our players in all age ranges. The acquisition of the basic ideas of football are gained in the early years academy sessions. These skills are then progressively developed as the player moves through the age ranges. Training sessions and technical skills will grow in complexity through the ages also. This is highlighted in the training programs of the coaches for each individual age range.

The 5 and 7 a side game with all its educational and gaming benefits helps them reach the level of competitive football; all while allowing them to entertain their one true desire — to have fun!

The expectations of a HeadStart Football Player

  • Respect your coaches, fellow players, the opposition and the referee.
  • Be present and punctual for the training and matches.
  • Respect the choices made by the coach and accept whatever positions in the team the coach thinks best suit your progression as a footballer.
  • Have impeccable behaviour both on and off the pitch.
  • Wear the correct kit to training.
  • Tell the coach in advance if for any reason you need to miss training, so the coach can find a replacement.
  • Give your all when taking part in tests.
  • Organize yourself and your time to better suit your football studies reducing the hours spent watching television or play with your tablet or computers.
  • Sleep 10 to 12 hours a night.
  • Hydration: get used to drinking lots of water during training, also during and between meals.
  • Shower daily, and after training and matches.
  • Take care of your body : dental hygiene, nails and feet.
  • Treat even the smallest cut.
  • Stretch thoroughly during training sessions and also at home ever.
  • Finish meals 3 hours before matches and have a balanced diet throughout the week.
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