Support Staff

The dedication and commitment of our operational staff in supporting the day-to-day running of HeadStart ensures that our students receive the very best in learning and extra-curricular activities.

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Michael Atkins

[email protected]

My name is Michael and I was appointed as Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) at HeadStart International School in August 2017. I grew up in the small market town of Crewe, England where I studied Popular Music and Community Arts at MMU Cheshire. I lived in Manchester for six years where I qualified as a Secondary Music Teacher in 2011 and played bass guitar in an electro- blues band. Music is one of my greatest passions! I have been teaching and coordinating the SEN provision for young people who are gifted and that have learning difficulties for the past five years and prior to that I worked in several high achieving primary and secondary schools teaching Music. I am confident that my knowledge of all sectors as well as my innovative approach to teaching and learning will support all learners at Headstart International School to fulfill their full potential. I believe that when one person teaches two people learn and I aim to learn as much from the Headstart students as they do from me. As I enter my second year at HeadStart I am looking forward to improving the Learning Support Department which I worked hard to develop last year, and continuing to build strong relationships with pupils, staff and parents.

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Debora Previti

Clinical Psychologist
[email protected]

My name is Debora Previti and I come from Italy. I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist. I took my Bachelor’s degree in the 2000 at the prestigious University of Padua. After my internship I passed the examination accredited by the Italian Psychological Society and the Health Professions Council in 2002. I then started working as a researcher at the Department of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Hepatology and Department of Medical Genetics at the University of Bologna. Being a researcher gave me the opportunity to deepen both my studies and interests. Whilst at university I fell in love with the neurosciences. The neurosciences study the relationship between the physical brain and behaviour. The brain is of course, extremely complex and I am very interested in studying disorders within the brain and nervous system that can alter behaviour and cognitive function. As a psychologist I am extensively trained in the assessment and diagnosis of psychological disorders. For several years I have been carrying out evaluation activities of the cognitive component (basic skills, superior and executive functions), behavioral and affective-relational aspects in order to create and implement psychoeducational and rehabilitative interventions for children with autism spectrum disorders, language disorders, ADHD, specific learning disorders and intellectual disabilities. The process of an evaluation assesses how a child’s brain functions. The assessment includes tests, interviews and questions that help outline the child’s performance when carrying out daily tasks, as well as identifying memory issues and other mental health concerns. The interviews I carry out also cover information on symptoms, medical history and medications that a child may be taking. I decided to work with children because they are a source of pure energy and I enjoy interacting with them, contributing to their well-being and identifying the specific causes of their difficulties. This remunerates me from the constant study that a complex discipline such as neuroscience requires. I moved to Phuket five years ago and for the last four years I have been collaborating with HeadStart International School; sharing far-sightedness and care in the education of children. This collaboration is working well and I am very happy to say that the school contributed to the acquisition of the most accredited clinical resources for a timely and effective diagnosis. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with education professionals, parents and children in the future. >In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order. Cit.

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Hansa Wong-anan

Secondary Secretary
[email protected]

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Porvadee Niranviroj

Primary Secretary
[email protected]

Hello everyone! My name is Porvadee Niranviroj or Aon. I graduated from the Faculty of Liberal Arts (English) at Mahidol University in 2010 obtaining a Bachelor Degree with 2nd class honour. Then I went to Kyoto, Japan in 2010-2012 to study Advanced Japanese. After that I moved back to Bangkok and became a freelance writer for Think Beyond Publishing where as a team we were very successful. However, I gained most of my working experiences when I was a Japanese Receptionist at Pacific Dental Care and a Japanese Interpreter and Sales coordinator for a newly established Japanese company. I am happy to be on the HeadStart team and think it is the best opportunity for me to work here as I can utilise my experiences to support the school's achievements and goals for the future.

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Fuangfa Wattanachalee

[email protected]

Sawasdee ka. My name is Fuangfa Wattanachalee or Mai. I graduated from The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and have a Bachelor degree of Communication Arts in Public Relations. Between 2000-2011 I worked in the hospitality industry in hotels such as the Blue Canyon Country Club, Maiton Island Resort, Dusit Laguna Resort and Spa, Marriott Vacation Club International. After this I joined Phuket International Academy School in the position of Resource Officer and Librarian between 2012-2015. It has been a great opportunity to join HeadStart International School in the position of Librarian. two years have passed since joining the team but I still have so much fun working in the school because of the lovely management team and students.

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Jelomee Noueda

[email protected]

Hello! My name is Jelomee V. Noveda from Philippines. I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the Philippines. I have been living in Thailand since 2009. I worked as a hotel nurse in Phuket before working at HeadStart. I am honored to be a part of this prestigious school and I am enjoying to be part of the team .I have been working for this school for over 8 years, whilst I have been working in this profession for more than 10 years. I presently am working in the position of school nurse at HeadStart International School. I enjoy getting to know the kids and seeing them grow and mature. I am happy working with the kids as well and making them feel better and I am excited to meet you all in this academic year.

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Mouchima Sinjarean

[email protected]

Sawadee ka, my name is Keaw originally from Ranong Province. I’ve been staying in Phuket for more than 20 years. I graduated in Phuket Boribal with a Nursing certificate. I worked as an Assistant nurse at the Bangkok hospital for 7 years and Mission hospital for 4 years. I am a very kind, happy and friendly person. I look forward to meeting you in the new academic year.

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เสาวณีย์ ทัศนีย์ทิพากร (Yong)

Secretary to Management
[email protected]

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พรเทพ สมมิตร (Thep)

Executive Chef
[email protected]

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อชิรสา เลี้ยงหล่ำ (Chajeen)

Admin Manager
[email protected]

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ลักขณา พรหมศร (Nuk)

[email protected]

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สุคนธ์ แก้วหมุน (Sao)

Head of Housekeeping
[email protected]

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ศิลป์ชัย ธเนสพงศ์สิริ (Sin)

Head of Security & Drivers
[email protected]

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พรชัย พรรณวงศ์ (Ple)

Head of Maintenance
[email protected]

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เอื้ออิชฌน์ ปิติวชิรัตน์ (Saint)

Purchasing Manager
[email protected]

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วงค์ศักดิ์ กุหลาบ (Wong)

Head of Accounting
[email protected]

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จิราภรณ์ จิตอำนวย (Mai)

HR Manager
[email protected]

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ฉันทนา สุวรรณ (Tuk)

School Shop
[email protected]

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