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Extra Curricular Activities

We are committed to nurturing the interests and needs of our community and are proud to offer an outstanding selection of over 200 extracurricular sessions per week that include sports, creative arts, languages, extension programmes and academic boosters.

Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) at HeadStart run on both campuses, Monday through Friday with HeadStart Academies and some fee paid programmes running through the weekend as well. ECAs are set at the beginning of the academic year and continue for the duration of the year with as few disruptions as possible. ECAs are organised into the time slots shown below. Friday sessions begin and end 20 minutes earlier.

14:30-15:15 Foundation ECAs
15:30-16:20 ‘HeadStart ECAs’ & some Fee Paid Programmes
16:30-17:30 Fee Paid Programmes
17:30-18:30 Fee Paid Programmes
16:30-18:00 HeadStart Academies

HeadStart ECAs

HeadStart ECAs are taught by our teaching staff and run throughout the school year and in accordance with the school calendar. There are no classes on school holidays, midterm breaks, weekends or days the school is closed. There are no HeadStart ECA’s on days that school events occur, such as International Day. Primary and Secondary students are offered three HeadStart ECAs at no additional cost. Selecting more than three HeadStart ASPs will be allowed at a charge, if places are still available in Booking Phase 3. The fee for an ‘Extra HeadStart ECA’ is set per term and remains the same, no matter when the pupil is enroled in the term. It is not possible to offer trial sessions for HeadStart ECAs. Students must decide and commit for the length of Term 1 or Terms 2 & 3.

Fee Paid Programmes

Fee paid programmes are run by HeadStart Programme Coordinators as well as outside providers, usually on campus, but may also occur at a venue other than the school. Non-HeadStart, part time teachers and coaches are vetted by management and are qualified to teach their subject, sport or skill. Fee Paid Programmes run throughout the academic year while some programmes may run during school holidays and mid-term breaks.

Fees are set at the beginning of the academic year and announced on the website. Fees will vary, depending on the programme. Parents are invoiced twice per year: Term 1 and then for Terms 2 & 3. There is no pro-rata rate for joining an ECA later in the term. Exceptions are made for new families joining HeadStart in Term 3. Credit will not be issued for missed classes or if a parent cancels their child’s enrolment to an ECA before the end of a term.

For more detailed information regarding our ECA programme, download the document below.

ECA Calendars for Both Campuses

List of ECAs Available for Both Campuses

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