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‘A Day at the Movies’

PISAC Athletics Competition

HeadStart hosted an inter school U9 and U11 Athletics Competition. The Primary students competed in a series of individual track and field events and some team relays. It was a fantastic afternoon of personal bests, personal firsts, individual endeavor and fabulous team spirit. The students from all schools were so supportive of each other, cheering all those who competed whether they came first or last in a race. Apart from the numerous individual placings by our students in many of the events, the team as a whole excelled and were runners up on the day, with BISP just pipping us in the overall team standings. Well done to all those who took part and helped out (Year 10 IGCSE Students and Teachers) on the day!

Maths Faculty Week

Maths week has continued to develop at HeadStart and this year we saw many more new and exciting activities around the school! From primary students wearing Maths hats to secondary students memorising digits of Pi, there really was something to excite everyone.

Eating Healthy Fair

Wednesday was the day that the Year 6 Healthy Eating project came together, and all of their marketing, producing, pricing and selling skills were really put to the test! The students enjoyed a day of making their products and working out how much they had spent verses how much they could sell items for, before setting up their stalls ready for selling to the public after school. The teams were in competition to see who could make the most profit, and the atmosphere was rich with energy and determination. Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed creating a mini business and learning from their mistakes as well as celebrating their achievements. Many of the students have even been inspired to develop their entrepreneurial skills further!

Art Class

Years 1 and 2 created collages inspired by Matisse’s use of line shape and colour in their art class.

Visit to Phuket Old Town

Year 2 had the opportunity to visit Phuket Old Town. As part of their History and Geography learning, they studied photos of Phuket from 100 years ago. They then visited those same locations to compare and contrast. They spent time thinking about what had changed and what had stayed the same in the last 100 years.

Beach Clean Up

Year 4 visited Nai Harn beach as part of our geography topic about coasts. We began the trip by cleaning up the beach (collecting 24 full bags of rubbish!) before making some observations. We looked at the different buildings and their purposes, discussed whether we could see a long shore drift and made some drawings that we could later use in our geography lesson.

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