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Chaofah Weekly12 years ago

Weekly Review - Week 28


  • Learn about compound words

  • Use the ICT lab to type our newspaper articles (final result are posted on our classroom window – congratulations to all junior journalists!)

  • Read information about mouths, make notes and answer comprehension questions

  • Please read the story Mr. Davies and the Baby for the end of term exam on Tuesday April 3rd


  • Sort objects and use diagrams to show how they were sorted

  • Organise information and make block graphs

  • Introduction to Sudoku puzzles

*End of term exam on Monday April 2nd *


  • Recycling : Follow the cycle from the recycle box … back to the recycle box!

  • Identify which objects can be recycled and in which bin they should be put into (glass, paper, plastic, cans, etc.)


The Songkran holiday is almost here!

I am looking forward to seeing you at FunStart on Saturday March 31st for the Wacky Olympics from 9-3

Monday : No spelling test, please review for the exams

Monday / Tuesday : English and Maths End of term exams

Wednesday : Sports competition and special activity : Bring a toy from home!

Thursday : Thai Culture day and Talent Show – Last day of school!

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