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Weekly Update 11

Parenting Tip 112


Secondary Outbound Field Trips

We would like to offer a special opportunity to the Secondary students to join this year’s Outbound Field Trips that will take place in Term 2. This is an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom, enjoy the company of friends and teachers and visit places you would not have a chance to outside of school.

Students must sign up and pay before the end of November so that we can book flights and spaces. You can sign up in the Secondary Dining Room or by e-mailing the following addresses:

Head of Secondary at [email protected]

School office at [email protected].

Barge Program in BKK Y7YEAR 8 Stevens Outdoor AdventureYear 10 Stevens Outdoor AdventureYear 9 MRV Chiang Mai 2

Sports News

Secondary girls win 3rd place in the PTT Inter-school Volley ball competition!


Thai Department News

Saturday Thai Culture Club

The Saturday Thai culture club for this month will be held on the 9th of November. You can sign up your child for the programme with our Thai teachers. Please drop off your child at school before 9 am and collect them at 11:00 am for Early Year-Year 1 and 12:00 pm for Year 2- Year 7.

Saturday Thai Culture Club for November

Thai Parent Weekly Meeting

This week our Thai management team gave a presentation on general introduction of the Cambridge Curriculum. We hope all attendees found this presentation helpful and informative.

Thai Parent Weekly Meeting

Teaching Thai Culture: Morning Greetings!

All Thai students in the ‘Thai as a First Language programme’ from Y2-Y11 were assigned a morning greeting duty every school day between 7:45 am - 8:00 am. The students greeted by “Wai’ing” at the entry of the main school building to share the importance of Thai culture.

Teaching Thai Culture Morning Greetings

Student’s nails

Every Monday the Thai teachers in the Thai as a first language programme will be checking the student’s nails during Thai class to make sure that they are clean and short. We encourage the students to keep their nails clean and short.

Foundation News

Preschool Love to paint and learn!

art class in preschool

Reception Classes go Rubber Tapping!

rubber tapping field trip

Primary News

Students, teachers and parents enjoyed a Halloween Fashion Show, performance by the Year 2B students and the Singing Club as well as a game by the teachers called Wrap the Mummy! A big thank you to all of the parents who contributed their time and resources towards preparing the Halloween snacks and decor!

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Year 5A Science- Investigating Reflection of Light

Year 5A the students learned what objects are the best reflectors of light and how to make reflections of light using a light source and a reflective object.

Year 5A Science Investigating Reflection of Light

Secondary News

English Department—From Mr Theze

All students in secondary will be writing a journalistic report on the topic of Women’s Rights. The finished piece is due to be handed to English teachers in two weeks. They will select the best two: one from KS3 and one from KS4 - which will then be submitted to the competition. Please give your child every encouragement for this interesting project.**

Cyber Bullying–From Mr Goodman, Head of Secondary

Cyberbullying is something we can only stamp out with the help of parents. Most instances of cyberbullying are happening outside school but the effects are felt inside school. If your child is involved in cyberbullying then they can expect to be dealt with harshly by the school. Our advice to parents is to get your child’s password for social media sites like Facebook and monitor their usage.

90+ Secondary students enjoyed a Halloween party at the 02 Beach Club on the 1st of November. DJ Ace spun some great tunes while there was a fashion show with 3 prizes for the winners, a Mummy Wrap game and some crazy fun!

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Around the Island

Home and Life Orphanage Visits FunStart!—By Grace Walters

Home and Life Orphanage Visits FunStart By Grace Walters

What started out as a simple day of fun and swimming at Fun Start turned out to be an unforgettable day of exciting activities for a group of 22 children and 5 volunteers from the Home and Life Orphanage.

Right after the event was published in our Newsletter, donations started pouring in from some Headstart parents. Mr David Rucker and Mr Kevin Sisung covered the costs for transportation and art supplies. My friends Jaa and James pitched in for the food. My team-mates from PIA (Phuket International Academy) organised a donation box at the PIA’s reception and we collected many items. The sports facility’s Thanyapura’s staff got togther and donated cash of B10,000. By word of mouth, we managed to raise B27,000 in total for cash donations.

The children did Muay Thai (courtesy of Muay Thai instructor, K. Chai from the PIA), painted pumpkins on their Halloween t-shirts assisted by our very own art teachers, Ms Jody and Kru Zone. They swam (we had 6A’s teacher, Ms Kate at the pool to watch over them), ate their yummy lunch, drank thirst quenching slushies of strawberry, blue lemon, kiwi and banana colada by courtesy of Mr Robert Heustraten from JuicyFx and had fruit for dessert. They had an extra treat of delicious strawberry Italian gelato provided by Mr Martin Smetsers from Pura Organic Foods.

Coco the clown, brought in by Mr Brad Kenny and the Grumpy Old Men’s Society, was the highlight of the day. Coco entertained the children for 2 hours with his show and magic tricks. There were little squeals of delight and many oohs, aahs and wows!!

A very tired but happy bunch of children left Fun Start at 3 pm after 4 hours of fun, fun, fun, with their goodies bags and wearing their newly painted Halloween t-shirts.


On behalf of the Home and Life Orphanage, I would like to thank the following sponsors for their support and generousity. I am so grateful for your support of my efforts to help The Home and Life Orphanage. Thanks to your participation, The Home and Life Orphanage will be able to continue to offer each child in their care with the things they need the most: security, nurturing support and above all, hope. Thank you again for supporting children in need.**

Transportation – Mr David Rucker, B1,500 (Navy League, father of Bai Tong from Yr 5B)

Art Supplies and Halloween Decoration – Mr Kevin Sisung, B4,000 (father of Tryston from Reception B)

Food – K. Ja and Mr James McCullum, B5,000

Slushy Machines - Mr Robert Heustraten, Juicy Fx Co., Ltd

Italian Gelato – Mr Martin Smetsers, Pura Organic Foods Ltd

Coco the Clown – Brought in by Mr Brad Kenny (Director and Operations Manager - Home & Life Foundation Phang Nga Foundation) and the Grumpy Old Men’s Society

My team-mates from the PIA – The Sharp Family, The Pulaski Family and Mrs Dorothy MacPherson. Thanks for helping me to organise this event. The Sharp Family for liaising with the Orphanage and running errands with me. The Pulaski Family for organisng the donation box at the PIA and photography of the event for the day. The Halloween cookies provided by Mrs MacPherson were ghoulishly out of this world!!

Last, but not the least, to the Headstart and Fun Start staff (K. New, K. Aew, K. Nut and gang) for making this event possible. Ms Miki has helped me to co-ordinator this event from the start. Teachers Ms Jody, Kru Zone and Ms Kate for taking the time off on a weekend to be with us! The Fun Start staff are all very friendly and helpful and made sure that everything went as planned and that the children were all having a great time!

I do apologise if I have missed out anyone on this list but please know that your help is much appreciated!

Cash Donations:

Thanyapura’s Staff – B10,000

Yacht Haven Marina

K. Ying, from the Living Room Café - B1,000

Mr Roger, from SEA Marine- B1,000

Mr Nick and Ms Sara, Managers of the Marina - B1,000

Ms Anne,from Bayok Creations - B1,000

Headstart Donation Box – B2,000 (thank you, whoever you are!)

Mr Douglas Alexander (father of Innes Alexander from Yr 5A) – B,1000

Mr Andrew Swanson and Mr Bobby Swanson – B3,400

Mr Nigel Bolton – B3,000

Mr and Mrs Leslie and Sarka David – B1,000

Mr Terry Sotiriadis, Ms Joy and Ms Zaa – B1,000

Mr Gordon – B1,000

K. Sasi and K. Panalai – B600

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