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Weekly Update #13, 21 January 2022


Upcoming events can be found on the website under School Life → Calendar and are outlined here for easy reference. Below you will find a downloadable updated version of the school calendar for 2021-2022.

Date Time Event Who for? Location
17-24 January   Mock Exams Year 11 In school
22-23 January   Year 12 DofE Silver Trip Year 12 Ao Yon
02 February 3.30-5.00 pm Year 11 Parent Teacher Conferences Year 11 & parents Secondary Hall
09 February 8.00-11.45am Year 3-6 Sports Morning Year 3-6 Sports facilities
10 February 8.30-10.30am Foundation Sports Morning Foundation children Sports facilities
  12.50-3.10pm Year 1 & 2 Sports Afternoon Year 1 & 2 Sports facilities
15 February 8.00am-3.10pm Year 7-11 Sports Day Year 7-11 Sports facilities
  1.30-3.00pm Year 12 & 13 Sports Afternoon All of Secondary Sports facilities
16-18 February   Mid-term break All school  
21-25 February   Year 12 & 13 Mock Exams Year 12 & 13 In school
24 January 4.30-6.00pm Junior CAPA Theatre Taster Session Primary students Primary Hall

ATK Testing (Repeat from Mr Drew’s email sent out on Friday, 21 January 2022)

It is now a regulation that all students and staff must take an ATK test on a weekly basis and submit the result to the school. The MoPH have asked us to supply the information to them on Saturday 22nd of January and therefore can I ask that tests are completed as soon as possible and that the Google Form is filled in before 3pm on Saturday 22nd Jan. Google Form: https://forms.gle/64BiSmwVL2yzqLKJ6

School Communication

Reading school information is vital to keeping the home-school relationship strong. Emails and the weekly update are our main sources of communication but if you don’t have a lot of time and want brief announcement style updates, subscribe to our LINE & Telegram apps in English, Thai, Russian and Mandarin. For daily updates on social media, follow the HeadStart International School Facebook page, Instagram page and our YouTube channel.

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Last call for ASPs Adjustments

If you need to adjust your ASPs please contact [email protected]. ASPs must be finalised and settled by 28 January. After this date, no further changes, further refunds or credit will be issued for cancelled or missed classes. Invoices for ASPs will be raised on 28 January and payments are expected by 4 February.

How to Find Your Child’s Timetable on the Parent Portal

Here’s a quick easy tutorial on how to check your child’s timetable on the Parent Portal. First login to the Parent Portal-Click here and then follow the guide on the screenshot below. Please contact [email protected] for any technical issues.

How to Check Your Child s Timetable

Inviting Primary Students to Join the Junior CAPA Musical Theatre Club

Junior CAPA (Creative & Performing Arts) is a Musical Theatre Club. The children will learn acting, dancing, singing & performance skills. We will work on building the children’s skills and then prepare some short pieces for them to perform in assemblies, the atrium or any other suitable venue. This is a great opportunity for your child to not only build their performance skills but also for them to become more confident in everything that they do. If your child is interested in developing any of these skills then send them along to the primary hall on Monday, January 24th 4.30- 6pm. This first session is open to anyone that would like to try it out and find out what it is all about. If your child would like to continue, then there is a fee of 2000B per term.

Important Note: If your child is coming to our taster session, then please let us know by emailing [email protected] with your child’s name and class. That way we can be sure that all children are accounted for and where they need to be. You can also contact Ms Holmes on this email if you have any questions.

Miki Junior CAPA

Join the Launch of the Oceans for All Coastal Cleaner

Do you remember? In 2020, the HeadStart community teamed up with the Oceans For All foundation to raise funds for a coastal cleaner catamaran that would help keep our coasts free of plastic and garbage. Good news ‼️ The boat is now complete and will be launched THIS SUNDAY! See the details below on how you can join the event! Repost from the Oceans For All Foundation:

“Calling on the entire Phuket community to support our effort for ocean conservation by joining the launch of OFA’s first coastal cleaner Catamaran “License to clean 001” at Pine Charity Sunday Brunch this coming Sunday, 23 January from 12:00pm onwards at the stunning InterContinental Phuket Resort. 15% of the total Brunch revenue will be donated to the Oceans For All foundation.” Book now at <@bit.ly/pine-charitybrunch>

Parent English Classes

Join fun, interactive English language group classes at Headstart International School. Conversation - Pronunciation - Basic Grammar - elementary to intermediate. Classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays at 3.30pm at school. 350 Baht per lesson. Contact Ms Myriam Adams (ESL Training Certification) via email at [email protected]. For private & semi-private classes, please contact 093-6205500. We offer special rates for HeadStart parents.

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Preschool- The Preschool children have had so much fun this week being back together with their friends and their favourite toys. Did you know that building relationships is an integral part of the curriculum during the Foundation years? A child’s social skills, emotional state, and sense of value all affect his or her academic learning, so building on these in Preschool and Foundation gives your child a strong foundation for a great career at school. Ms Amy Drew

Early Years- It has been wonderful to have students back in the classroom this week. We have been focusing on our Mathematics skills. Children have been engaging in an assortment of shape, space and measure activities. On Thursday we baked peanut butter cookies. Did you know? Cooking helps children expand in a variety of areas including their physical development- fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills. Cognitive skills are also developed with cooking encouraging children’s thinking, problem solving and creativity. -Ms Jasmine Gray

Over the break, Mew in Year 2 Blue cut off her beautiful long hair to donate it to a charity that make wigs for a cancer patients. Even though Mew really loved her long hair, she selflessly agreed to cut it for a very good cause and we are very proud of her! - Ms Charlotte Myers

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Celebrating student success in and out of school! During the school break, on the 24th-26th Dec 2021, Natalie Hallerman attended a Swimming competition ‘Phuket Sport Tourism’. This competition was held at Thanyapura (UWC). Natalie received a runner up trophy in the age group of 12-13 years old. Congratulations Natalie! -Mr Jamie Sadler, Year 7 Coordinator and PE Teacher (Click to expand)

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