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Weekly Update #13, 27 November 2020

Dates for Your Diary

Upcoming events can be found on the website under School Life → Calendar and are outlined here for easy reference.

For daily updates and news follow the HeadStart Facebook Page and You Tube channel.

Date Time Event Location
28-29 November All day DofE Bronze Practice (Group 2) Ao Yon beach
  8.15 am Parents Meeting: Year 11 Mock Exams, IGCSE & Onward Plans Secondary Hall
3-4 December All day DofE Bronze Adventurous Journey (Group 1) Ao Yon beach
03 December 8.15 am UPrep Talk: Applying to the UK and Europe Sports Hall
04 December   Last Day of ASPs that finish before 4.30pm  
5-6 December 9.00 am- 4.00 pm CAPA Rehearsals  
07 December 8.00 - 11.30 am Foundation Christmas Crafts and Activities with Parents  
08 December 8.15 am Thai Parents Meeting: Feedback to Management  
  3.00-4.30 pm Y11 BTEC Presentation & Subject Fair  
8-10 December 9.00 am - 4.00 pm CAPA Rehearsals  
8-9 December All day DofE Bronze Adventurous Journey (Group 2)  
  6.30 pm Moulin Rouge Showing 1  
10 December 6.30 pm Moulin Rouge Showing 2  
    Last Day of Fee-paying ASPs & Academies  
11 December   Closed for Father’s Day  
11-12 December All day DofE Silver Sailing Training (Group 2) Ao Yon beach
13-14 December All day DofE Silver Practice (Group 2) Ao Yon beach
14 December 10.00 am Foundation Christmas Cabaret Sports Hall
  2.00-5.00 pm Christmas Fair Covered Football pitch
15 December 8.00 am - 4.00 pm Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC) Classrooms
16 Dec-4 Jan   School closed for holidays  
Christmas Fair poster Website

Welcoming everyone, young and old, to the HeadStart Christmas Fair that will take place on 14 December from 2.00-5.00pm on the covered football pitch. This is a wonderful time for us to come together and celebrate our thriving community with food, drink, games and entertainment in a fair-like environment where the children will have plenty of activities to choose from and there will be lots to see and do. Dress in festive colours, bring along a picnic mat for your family, sit and relax and enjoy the event.

Here’s what to expect on the day:

  • A professional photographer to take photos of you and your family in Santa’s Grotto from 2.00-3.00 pm! Don’t miss it!
  • Delicious traditional Christmas roast from the well known Pullman Hotel.
  • Asian fusion food by the famous Chef Noi from Suay in collaboration with the Chalong Bay Rum team.
  • Eat-in or take-out traditional pies from Lady Pie.
  • Cold, creamy ice cream from the Italian Gelateria Pluto.
  • A fun variety of beverages prepared by the HeadStart Food Service team and Fresh-pressed fruit juice.
  • Gingerbread men, cookies and delicious baked goods to take away or children can join in decorating their own personalised cookies!
  • Performances by the Dance Academy, CAPA students all managed by our BTEC Music students.
  • Lucky Draw organised by Mr Khan and the Primary team!
  • Student leadership organised games and activities for the children.
  • Gifts and trinkets to buy as gifts.
  • A balloon castle and the Central Kids Club offering activities for the children.

Important notice!

On 14 December parents are requested to pick up their children promptly at 2.00 pm and join the Christmas Fair. Children going home on the school bus will be departing from school at 2.15 pm. Parents with children on the school bus should communicate with the bus nannies if they will be going home at 2.00 pm or if they will be picking them up so that we can account for each child’s wellbeing and safety.

Moulin Rouge Show

Just a reminder that if you haven’t already, please book your tickets to watch the spectacular ‘Welcome to the Moulin Rouge’ show performed by our CAPA students on 9 and 10th of December, both showings at 6.30 pm in the Sports Hall.

Online Ticket Booking Guide

→ Click on the link depending on what day you choose to watch the show:

9 December 2020

10 December 2020

→ Fill in the information requested. You will then be taken to the Paypal page.

→ Make payment with your credit card. Note: You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay. Proceed as you would with any online payment.

There is an option to change the language of the Paypal page in the bottom corner of the page.

→ You will receive a confirmation email with your ticket number shortly after which we will require you to show to staff at the entrance of the Sports Hall before the show.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the front office staff by either calling <076612875> or writing to [email protected]

After School Programmes

Important ASP dates to be aware of are posted below. Due to the official date change of the King’s Birthday / Father’s Day holiday in Thailand, ASPs that were planned to run after 16:30 on Friday 11 December will now run on Monday 7 December.

  • ASPs that run from 14:30-15:20 / 15:30-16:20 finish on Friday, 4 December.

  • ASPs and Academies that run after 16:30 will continue until 10 December.

  • ASPs that were set to run after 16:30 on Monday 7 December are cancelled.



Welcome to this year’s UPrep Talk 6. The topic will be ‘Applying to the UK and Europe’. This session will be important details and information about how applications to the UK and other European destinations work. Meet us in the Secondary Hall (4th floor) on Thursday 3rd December at 8:15 am. -Ms Gem, University Placement Officer

Year 9 Checkpoint Meeting

Thank you if you came to parent meeting about Year 9 Checkpoints last Tuesday. If you were there or if you couldn’t make it, I have attached the presentation for you to look through at your own convenience. -Mr Ricahrd Lukats, Head of Secondary

Term 1 Fundariaer

We now have 25 children from the Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation sponsored. A big THANK YOU to Mr Clarke and the Year 6 Yellow class and HeadStart staff who sponsored collectively. Thank you also to Ashley Wiegand, Phoenix Brown, Mehar Sachdeva, Mr Jazon Edouard and Mr Adam Drew for joining in this initiative.

▶️ Please consider joining this appeal and donating 1,000 Baht towards the living cost of a child in need. You can do so individually, as a company or family. Contact the front office for more details and get involved today! ◀️

Better image
Student Success

Congratulations to our Year 12 and Year 13 students who recently competed in the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge. Altogether we achieved 12 Bronze and 6 Silver Awards. Special congratulations to the Silver Award recipients:

  • Charlie Mao Suzuki
  • Calvin van der Laan
  • Teethabhumi Tripatarasit
  • Jinnaphop Prattranasanti
  • Robert Malakhovskiy-Lyulko

Also receiving a Silver, and “Best in School”: Natnicha Kalajuk

Our most talented mathematics students in Years 7-11 will be invited to join VAPs in Term 2 to prepare for the Junior and Intermediate Challenges. Good luck everyone! -Ms Jennifer Blackweir, Academic Director

IMG 0830
P.E. Department News

Introduction to New Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach

Mr. Ben Royle, a black belt in BJJ and has competed in international championships in MMA, has worked with young people for the past 5 years. He comes highly recommended by members of the HeadStart community.

“My name is Ben Royle. I am 25 years old and from Manchester, England. Before being able to pursue martial arts full-time I completed my degree in Social Care and worked in Learning Disability services alongside my studies and training. I first began training MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when I was 15 and became involved in coaching a few years later. Since then I have earned my black belt and I currently fight professionally in One Championship. I moved to Phuket aged 21 to pursue my training and begin my professional career after I received a sponsorship offer from a gym here. I subsequently began coaching there, leading the kids programme and eventually some of the adult ones too. Notable accomplishments from some of my students include 2 Junior World Championships, several European championships and more Thai national championships than I can count. Martial arts have given me a lot and being able to give back to it and watch my students grow and develop as young athletes and people is incredibly rewarding”.

Tuesday 14:30-15:30 in the School Atrium Meet our new Martial Arts Coach who will be running the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ASPs in Term 2 and 3.
Wednesday 15:30-16:20 in the fitness studio Primary Free BJJ Demo Session
Friday 14:30- 15:00 in the fitness studio Reception Free Interactive Demonstration Note: Parents of Reception students must accompany their child to this demo class.
Friday 15:10-16:00 in the fitness studio Secondary Free BJJ Demo Session


The term is quickly coming to an end and the Aqua Panthers have a few events! Friday, December 4th The Aqua Panthers have our first Intrasquad meet. This is where we will split the team in half and they will compete to be the ultimate HeadStart crew! Which team will win? Come check us out on the 4th.

For those who are wanting to join the swim academy in Term 2 OR sign up for the advanced swimming ASP on Fridays, you must come and see Coach Brown on Monday, December 7th for a tryout. This will start at 3.30 pm and will take about 30 minutes. Also, those who are joining the Academy, I need to get your suit size. Please let me know if you have any questions. -Coach Brown

Panthers Christmas Football Camp 02 Website


HeadStart Football Academy held a workshop on what makes a great teammate. Boys and girls academy teams were in mixed groups and tasked with highlighting what positive and negative teammates look like, how their actions affect the feelings of others and what they’ll do to be a great teammate. We can’t wait to continue watching the HeadStart football academy putting this into action and helping their teammates grow. Coach McKenna

BISP Cross Country Run

The Primary and Secondary PISAC X-Country event was held at BISP this week on Wednesday and Thursday. Also, Mr Paice took part in the staff race and did very well indeed. Well done everyone! -Mr Carter, Athletics Director There were notable performances from -

🏅 Anton Year 5 - Under 11 boys 3rd place 🏅 Nathee Year 6 - Under 11 boys 1st place 🏅 Nae Nae in Year 10 - 3rd place 🏅 Megan in Year 7 - 3rd place 🏅 Natharn in Year 8 - 2nd place

We now have a few Library volunteers to help keep the Library tidy and organised. Naomi, Liz and Caitlin in Year 2, as well as Paige in Year 4, are all eager to get involved and learn new responsibilities. Well done! -Ms Mai, Librarian

This week in Humanities, our class tried Thai food. Our topic is called Phuket Paradise and we are learning about our island. The children’s parents sent in a large variety of treats for us to try. They were all delicious! -Ms Emma Spencer

In the Year 5 ASP students finished their felt pencil cases this week after sewing on a button to close the cases and adding final touches of eyes and details made from felt. In the Year 6 students finished hand sewing their face masks this week. Some students have never handsewn before so should be very proud of their achievements. -Ms Heidi Secker

In the Humanities faculty we are getting our students to think using thinking routines. Year 13 Geographers have been using a thinking routine called Generate-Sort-Connect-Elaborate as a way to develop their ideas for their extended essay questions. This routine activates their prior knowledge in this case volcanic eruptions and the potential to manage them. It helps to link ideas by making connections and elaborating on their ideas and connections developing a detailed concept map, Which is then used as a plan for their essay question where they have to “assess the extent to which volcanic hazards can be managed. -Mr Dale Benham

In PSHE today, I spoke with Year 11 about the process of revision: how, what, when, how often, why and where were the grounds covered; as well as the crucial role sleep plays to unlock learning. Students were also reminded that they have the best resource of all available to them: hard-working and passionate teachers. Teachers who can, after all, surely empathise with students as they themselves were 16 years old once too. As a bit of fun at the end of the presentation, I invited students to guess which teacher they were peering at through the mists of time. Can you guess which awkward adolescent is now a HeadStart teacher? -Mr. Pollicutt

The English Club sends friendly vibes and wishes you all a good ending of Term 1! If you are interested in joining classes, please contact the front office for more information.

Promotions from Around the Island

Read HERE to learn more about this wellness day promotion!

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