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Weekly Update #19, 24 January 2020

Dates for Your Diary

Upcoming events can be found on the website under School Life → Calendar and are outlined here for easy reference. For daily updates and news follow the HeadStart Facebook Page and You Tube channel. To join the Parent Community Facebook group click here!

Date Time Event Location
27-29 January All day Maths & Commerce Faculty Week  
27-30 January All day Yearbook Photo Shoot Library
30 January 8.15am UPrep Drop-In Session  
31 January 12.00-4.00pm Blood Donations Library
1-2 February TBA Years 3-6 Rehearsal for The Little Mermaid  
3 February All day Yearbook Photo Shoot  
27-29 February All day Maths & Commerce Faculty Week  
5 February 3.35pm Year 11 Parent-Teacher Conferences  
6 February 8.15am UPrep Talk-Applying to Thai Universities Primary Hall
  3.20pm No ASPs due to Little Mermaid show  
  2.00pm and 5.30pm Years 3-6 Production of The Little Mermaid Sports Hall
7 February 2.30-5.30pm Friday Market Atrium
7-9 February All day ATOD International Dance Competition BKK
11 February   Haringey Concert Showcase Blue Tree
11-14 February   Sports Days Sports Facilities
17-21 February All week Mid-term break  
Yearbook Photoshoot 2020 1
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Collette Edouard

Founder/Marketing & Communication Director
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International Day 27 March, 2020

After a two year hiatus, we are bringing International Day back …BIGGER and BETTER! For those of you who are new to the HeadStart community, you may wonder: What is International Day? Typically members of the same nationality group together to plan a variety of activities that showcase the costumes, food, dance, and culture of their country. International Day is a joyous time of festivities and brings the community together in a meaningful way. It is also an opportunity for you as parents to teach your children about the cultures and traditions of your home countries and appreciate the fantastically diverse community that we have here at HeadStart!

International Day requires everyone’s cooperation, so, I would like to encourage you to meet together and make some decisions on what you can contribute and commit to. We are looking forward to what you have to offer!

Event Information:

  • Date & time: 3.30-5.30pm on 27 March, 2020
  • Venue: covered football pitch at HeadStart
  • Stage size: 10 meters long and 5 meters wide. There will be steps leading up on one side and steps leading off the stage on the other side.
  • Each country will be provided with a 4.5-meter tent/tables to set up food and drinks.
  • Each country will be provided with a 4,000 baht stipend for food and drinks. (details to be discussed with team leaders)

Each country should nominate a team leader who will be responsible to liaise with myself and the admin team regarding expenses, set up and your performance programme.

Please write to me if you have further questions at [email protected]. I look forward to working with you to make this year’s International Day spectacular!

Below are some pictures of our last International Day so that you can get an idea of the event.

International Day 1
HeadStart Community

Foundation Picnic

On behalf of the school, we would like to thank the Wisnia family and the Holmes family for their positive contribution to the HeadStart community. Last Saturday parents and students in the Foundation department met together for a Picnic at Sapan Hin. If you would like to hear more about community events organised by the parents visit the HeadStart Parents Community Facebook page

Warm regards,

HeadStart Management

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Parent Meetings

UPrep Meeting and Upcoming Drop-in Session

We hope that the presentation that was given on Thursday, 23 January, on the topic of Applying to Universities in the USA and Canada was helpful. A download has been provided below for anyone who couldn’t make it. The next UPrep event will be a drop-in session in the school coffee shop on the 30th of January at 8.15 am. This is your chance to come and meet with Ms Gemma Caines and Ms Gem, our University prep team and ask any questions that you have.

Library News

Good news! We now have a selection of books from ‘The Bangkok Book Awards’ which is run by a group of international school librarians in Bangkok. The group’s passion is designed to celebrate excellence in children’s global literature and create a shared local community of enthusiastic readers. Enjoy reading this year’s books now available in the HeadStart Library! Ms Mai, Librarian

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Sports and Physical Education

Harrow International School 7 a Side Tournament

The U9 and U13 boys football teams represented HeadStart at Harrow International School 7-a-side tournament last weekend. Both teams performed really well and scored some fantastic individual and team goals. The group’s hard work and determination saw us beat some far larger International Schools in Asia. There were many standout performers from our teams but the stand out qualities were the support our players showed for each other in times of need and a relentless drive to respond positively whenever faced with a challenge. I was extremely proud of every single player and can’t wait to take another step forward with the U11, U13 and U15 boys and the Bangkok Soccer League Tournament kicking off on 14th March at Brighton College. Let’s go HeadStart! Coach Asa

Sports Days

On the 11-14th of February, HeadStart will be hosting Sports Days for the students. Please have a look at the table below so that you are aware of the date and time of your child’s involvement. Students should wear their House shirt, P.E. shorts and sports shoes/trainers. It is important that students stay hydrated and protected from the sun so please remind them to bring a water bottle, sun cream, and a sun hat. Ms Nathalie Smith

Year Group Date Time Location Key Information
Foundation Wednesday 12th February 09:00-11:00 Covered astro pitch Students split into 6 groups and participate in a carousel of athletic based activities
Year 1-2 Wednesday 12th February 13:00-15:10 All outdoor facilities Students participate in track and field athletic activities
Year 3-6 Tuesday 11th February 08:00-11:55 All outdoor facilities Students participate in traditional track and field athletic activities and then fun/wacky races, including the ever-popular tug-of-war!
Year 7-11 Friday 14th February 08:10-11:30 Covered Astro Pitch Students participate in track and field athletic activities
Year 7-13   12:10-15:00 All outdoor facilities Students participate in a carousel of team activities
Sport Day Website
Student News

Congratulations to all of our brilliant Stars of the Week in Primary!

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Congratulations to our Academy Students of the Month! In Swimming, we have Colin and Mashable and in Football, we have Sofia and Jamie! Keep up the good work!

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To enhance our learning about Minibeasts and their habitats, as well as consolidate our learning about animals and plants, Early Years went on a visit to the Botanic Gardens. We saw many beautiful flowers, fed some hungry fish and spoke softly to the birds. We used our best listening ears and looking eyes to find lots of different features in the plants (e.g. we found that the cacti were very prickly and could also differ in sizes!) Trips are a great way for us to develop our exploration and social skills, as well as our communication skills by remembering and talking about significant events from our own experiences. Well done Early Years, we’re looking forward to the next trip already. Ms Amy and Ms Saki

The Year 2 Science Club conducted an experiment to see how diffusion works. During our experiment, we put food coloring into 2 glasses with equal amounts of water: one hot and one cold. Our young scientists found out that food coloring diffuses faster in hot water than in the cold water as the molecules move around quicker in hot water. Ms Josephine Taypoc

There’s excitement in the air as we prepare for the Year 3-6 showing of The Little Mermaid on 6 February. A big thank you to our after school Art students helping to prepare backgrounds and props for the show! Ms Jody Leow

We in the Art department have just begun the new and very prestigious Art academy for Key Stage 3 students. In our first session, we looked at the formal elements of art and drawing accurately from observation. In the coming weeks, we will expand these foundations into one, two and three-point perspective drawing, photography composition skills, and ask the question of what makes an outstanding piece of artwork. I look forward to all the outcomes! Miss Gill

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Promotions for the HeadStart Community

Effortless Running is a company specializing in teaching a running technique that allows people to run better, faster, longer and injury-free for the rest of their lives. Through online coaching and a focus on running mechanics and running economy, runners connect with how their bodies were designed to run. The Effortless Running method (tm) has helped hundreds of people transform their run, at their own pace, in their own time!

The ‘Effortless Running Essentials’ program is the perfect way to start your transition into an effortless runner again.

The Effortless Running Essentials program is a 3-week program that takes you through a mini-transformation. Focussing on your running economy (as opposed to making you run harder, faster, longer) for as little as 3 weeks will help tremendously in moving closer towards an effortless, enjoyable run.

This 3-week introduction to Effortless Running has proven to work time and time again for those runners who need to take a step back in order to leap forward afterward. Going through this program, helps your brain to re-wire the way that you are running. You will gain the running form needed to smash any personal record afterward. And the beauty of it all is that the answer lies in actually doing less. Forget the ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality and focus on training ‘smart rather than hard’.

Upon completion of the 3-week introduction, you will run better, stronger, lighter and more effortless. You give yourself the gift of allowing the body to run like it was designed to run. Additional benefits of this 3-week introduction are that you can start the transformation at your own pace and time, with weekly feedback from a certified Effortless Running coach and access to the TrainingPeaks platform and an awesome community of like-minded runners all on their own path to Effortless Running.

The 3-week ‘Effortless Running Essentials’ program benefits all runners. From the most driven PB chasers to those returning to the sport.
As a promotion, I would like to offer the Effortless Running Essentials program to the HeadStart community at a discounted price of THB 2,500. Please contact Erik ([email protected]) if you are interested in starting your Effortless Running experience.

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