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Weekly Update #20, 26 February 2021

Dates for Your Diary

Upcoming events can be found on the website under School Life → Calendar and are outlined here for easy reference.

For daily updates and news follow the HeadStart Facebook Page and You Tube channel.

Date Time Event Location
02 March 8.15 am Parents Meeting: 6th Form Application Process Secondary Hall
04 March 8.15 am UPrep Talk #9: Applying to Universities in Asia/Australia Secondary Hall
  2.30-5.30 pm Replacement Friday Market School Atrium
05 March   School Closed -
09 March 8.15 am Parents Meeting: Assessments in Primary Secondary Hall
9-11 March Three days Year 9 Mock Checkpoint Exams Exam Hall
12 March All day Casual Clothes/Fundraiser Activities  
15 March All day Pi Day / Maths Activities  
16-17 March Two days Year 9 Residential Trip Boats/Angsana Hotel
18 March 8.15 am UPrep Talk #10: Show Me the Money Secondary Hall
18-19 March Two days Year 8 Residential Trip Boats/Angsana Hotel
25 March 8.15 am Parents Meeting: E-safety for Primary children Secondary Hall
25-26 March Two days Year 7 Residential Trip Boats/Angsana Hotel
31 March 3.30-5.30 pm Year 12 & 13 Parent/Teacher Conferences (PTC) To be announced
31 March - 1 April Two days Science Fair To be announced
03 April TBA Saturday Thai Culture Club To be announced
Sports Days

The PE team has been busy over the last 4-6 weeks meticulously planning our Sports Days, and WOW, what an exciting week of fun it was! All our students, from PreSchool all the way up to Year 13 participated in traditional track and field events, as well as fun/team building activities that ensured maximum participation for all. Well done to all the PE team for such well organised events, all the students and staff who participated, and also the parents who came to support! Check out the results to see who hopped, skipped, and jumped to the top of the podium. -Mr Carter, Director of Sport Full photo albums for each age group can be found on the HeadStart Facebook Page


Last weekend both of our Girls Football Academy teams were in action against two different Thai academies. They were both really fun and challenging games. It was great to see the girls showing that ‘never give up’ attitude and there was some exciting football being played from both teams. Thank you Bann Pan Sin Phuket and Pluk Panya school for coming to play us! -Coach Frost

Looking for something active for your 5-12 year old boys and girls to do on Saturday? Join ‘Soccer Saturday’ with Coach Frost and develop football skills in fun, game related practices. Players must bring their own water bottle, football boots & shin pads. Please contact our friendly office staff to register. ☎️ 076-612875 📩[email protected]

Soccer Saturday Facebook

Preschool are thoroughly enjoying having provision activities that involve their favourite teddy bear and fluffy best friends! From arts and crafts, sensory trays and intricate fine motor activities, the children are fully engaged in their learning. Our teddy bear picnic appeared to be the most exciting part of this week; we took our snacks out to the playground, as well as some of our favourite furry friends, and enjoyed teddy bear stories while having a lovely snack together. So lovely! After we had finished our exciting picnic, we used the parachute we were sitting on to play some very fun games! While many gross motor activities for young children develop muscles in the lower body, the rhythm of throwing the parachute up into the air develops muscles in a child’s upper torso, strengthening primarily their shoulders, arms and hand muscles. It also encourages turn-taking and teamwork and is an all-round engaging experience! -Ms Charlotte Myers


Year 3 children making the Eiffel Tower from marshmallows and sticks as part of our topic, ‘Where in the world ‘…guess the country we were looking at today! In continuing with their theme of ‘Around the World,’ the Year 3 students also enjoyed making carnival masks for their trip to Brazil! -Ms Nicola Fallows

Konnichiwa! Year 3 have been learning about Japan as part of our topic ‘All around the world’. We made yummy sushi using clay that looked good enough to eat! We also looked at Origami and how to make amazing animals using just paper. -Miss Harvey

Science club this week was a lot of fun. We made lava lamps using oil, water and Alca Seltzers. We spoke about the density of different materials. the children were very excited once the bubbles had subdued to open the jars and explore the mixture. As we were in one of the Foundation classrooms, we were able to use a tuff tray, add some glitter and get it all over our hands. The children enjoyed having that freedom to explore and we spoke about the textures and colours we could create. -Ms Suzi Chaemchaeng

A big thank you to Mrs Dararat Vorderleitner (mother of Sienna in Year 3 ) and Mrs Denrawee Jumpaon (mother of Devi in Year 3 ) who are Yoga instructors, for coming to speak to the Year 3 students about the benefits of Yoga. The children also had a chance to participate in some basic Yoga poses and really enjoyed it! -By Kru Cherry


The Secondary Gardening ‘Lunch Bunch’ have planted beans and chillies. They all have their own little pots to tend to them every day. The school Gardener and Maintenance Team have been an incredible support every Thursday to enable us to do this. We are excited to see our produce grow! -Ms Indu Bedi

Students can sometimes struggle to choose books which they enjoy. On hearing one unnamed girl in Year 10 opine today that she ‘would choose this book because the cover is ‘pretty’ and then, reading over her shoulder, noticing that the first chapter was entitled ‘c u later’, I could control myself no longer…. I set about scouring the school library, selecting books which I myself have read before and giving them out to students. I distributed them in a bespoke fashion; each student receiving a book which I hope will challenge, beguile or in some other way intrigue them.

I think it is part of an English teacher’s job to use their expertise to guide students to new texts. Perhaps some of the students will struggle with, or even dislike their chosen text. But if a few, or even one student is entranced by their introduction to a new writer, well, then surely we are part way there to achieving the school’s maxim of ‘Inspiring a Love of Learning.’ - Mr. Pollicutt, Head of English

Student Success Out of School

A great starting performance starting 2021 for both Ben and Brighton who competed at the Level 4 LTAT tournament PTT series No.1, in Hat Yai, Songkla on 20-21 February. Brighton came in third place in the Under 10 Boys category and Ben was the winner for the Under 12 Boys category. Congratulations!

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