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Weekly Update #29, 1 May 2020

Introducing the Stay At Home Challenge Week 2

The HeadStart weekly ‘Stay at Home Challenges’ are designed to help us focus on something as a community and to keep us positive and active despite current circumstances. This next week’s theme is ‘Make it Tasty!’ What do you like to cook? Is it sweet or savoury? Take a portrait photo of your home made dish and make sure to let us know what it’s called and what is the name name of the chef! Send in your entries via email to [email protected]. We are looking forward to receiving all entries by Friday, 8 May at 12.00pm!

HeadStart StayatHome Challenge6 05
Week 1 Crazy Hair #stayathomechallenge Outcome

Well done to everyone who participated in the Week 1 Crazy Hair #stayathomechallenge. We have had so many fantastic entries! It is evident that we have a lot of creative talent amongst us. A special shout out to Anna Omura in Year 2 for her coke bottle illusion and Ms Gill who has managed to dye her hair multiple colours without the help of a hairdresser!

For a full album of all of the fun pictures, CLICK HERE to view them on the HeadStart Facebook page!

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Online Primary Parent Teacher Conferences

Online Primary Parent Teacher Conferences are schedule for this Friday and next week. Just a reminder to book yourselves a Parent Conference slot with your child’s Homeroom teacher. This is a great opportunity to connect with your child’s Homeroom teacher, and discuss the progress your child has been making.

Parent Teacher Conferences are taking place on:

Friday, 1st of May 2020 2:30- 3:30pm
Monday, 4th of May 2020 3:30- 4:30pm
Tuesday, 5th of May 2020 3:30- 4:30pm
Wednesday, 6th of May 2020 3:30- 4:30pm

To book your 10 minute appointment time slot, please login to the Parent Portal and click ‘Book Parents Evening’ under your child’s picture. If you have any difficulty, please let your child’s Homeroom teacher know.

These meetings will be between the Homeroom teacher and parents, and will last 10 minutes. Once you have selected your appointment time, the Homeroom teacher will send you a Google Meets invite, in order to hold the online meeting.

Best Wishes, Sam Khan

Well Being Wednesday

As part of well-being Wednesday, our counselling team worked together with the amazing Key Stage 1 homeroom teachers to offer curriculum lessons in emotions and well-being. This week, they explored the text ‘The Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas. which encourages young ones to open up and discuss how they feel, even when their thoughts are confusing. Children are encouraged to understand all of the feelings they may be having while they are at home. We are so impressed by your work this week Year 1 and 2! - Student Support Team

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Student News

Year 1 students in Mandarin class have been learning Fruits this week, they are using sentences to describe what fruits they like and what they don’t like. Here are some of their excellent work. -Ms Wang

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Liz FruitsJiah FruitsJensen FruitsYasmin 2

Years 4-6 have produced some lovely art while they are at home. This week students have created beautiful art pieces from nature found in their gardens and used normal household objects to create interesting work in the style of artists Andy Goldsworthy and Victor Nunes. Students have also created Op Art drawings and developed their shading skills. -Jody Leow

This week I set my children in Year 5 the Taskmaster Challenge from a British TV show to re-enact an important historical moment. This is Mason’s entry to the class competition. It’s so great that I thought I must share it with you! -Emma Spencer

Year 10 First Language English Student Work

Dong Yoon and Leanna in Year 10, studying First Language English has been honing his rhetorical skills in preparation for editing coursework. Ask yourselves: are you persuaded? -Mr David Pollicutt

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