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Weekly Update #32, 22 May 2020

Dates for Your Diary

Upcoming events can be found on the website under School Life → Calendar and are outlined here for easy reference.

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Date Time Event Location
25 May All day No online learning  
25-29 May All week Year 11 Exams Home
26 May-2 June All week Year 10 Exams  
3 June All day School closed for the Queen’s Birthday  
26 June Evening Graduation Ceremony for Year 13 To be announced
30 June TBA Parent Teacher Conferences To be announced
Take a Break
Supporting the Community

With Phuket starting to open up again, it would be an opportune time for our community to get together and help each other get back on our feet.

There are many ways in which we can accomplish this but as a start, we want to announce that as a school we are committed to purchasing school items from parent’s businesses provided the quality and price of the item or service can match or improve on what we receive from current suppliers and we want to encourage you to do the same!

In the next week or so, we will be dedicating a page on the HeadStart website for advertising companies and business that are owned and run by members of the community. The page will display small banners showing the name and logo of your business. The banner will link to your company business website or Facebook page and will feature any discounts or promotions that you have on offer.

If you are interested in advertising your company or product to the community, please get in touch with us by writing to [email protected]. Please provide us with the following:

  • Parent’s name and contact information
  • Child’s name and what class he/she is in
  • Good quality JPEG file of company logo
  • A link to your website or Facebook page
HeadStart s Got Talent finalists announced

Congratulations to our Primary and Secondary students who made it through to the final round which will be aired live on the HeadStart Facebook page next week on Thursday at 5.00pm for the Primary final and Friday 5.00pm for the Secondary final.

University Prep News

We were delighted to find out this week that one of our 2019 graduates, Denalyn, has been awarded a 100% academic scholarship at Oral Roberts University in the USA. This was a very competitive process, including one on one interviews with faculty members. The rigorous selection process started with hundreds of students, then shortlisted down to 70 who were required to go through zoom interviews, and out of that only 20 were selected for the full scholarship. Denalyn was among the first to be selected and is the only scholarship recipient from this region. Not only does this mean that her $40,000 a year costs are covered, Denalyn will also be holding leadership positions and has been asked to be part of the University’s student panel. Congratulations to Denalyn on being offered this amazing opportunity! -Ms Gemma Caines

###Message from Mr Pollicutt, Head of English

From a personal and academic perspective, I am particularly pleased for and proud of Denalyn. In over 15 years of teaching in a number of countries and a variety of syllabi, she is undoubtedly one of the top few students to whom I have taught English Literature. Not only did she have a natural flair and verve for the subject, but this was married to an indefatigable work ethic and constantly positive outlook. Even when I was at my cantankerous worst and delivering withering criticisms of her essays in order to push her harder, she never stopped trying. I have no doubt she will continue to excel at Oral Roberts University and I beseech current English Literature A Level students to use Denalyn as a model to emulate. Well done Denalyn. I bid you adieu with the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:

‘Lives of great men all remind us

We can make our lives sublime,

And, departing, leave behind us

Footprints on the sands of time’

Student News

Foundation Online Learning Update

Preschool began the week by making their own playdough live with their classmates! We then used the playdough to practise our fine motor skills with some dough disco and even began to form letters out of it. We’ve ensured lots of moving by doing number and letter scavenger hunts, movement games and dancing. Children have also made finger puppets of their familiy and drawn their favourite kind of home. We really have been busy and the learning has been super fun! To finish off the week, children did live water play today, blowing huge bubbles and making a splash and followed this with counting games that allowed them to learn to count while stretching! Keep up the amazing work, Preschool! -Ms Charlotte

Year 1 and Year 2 have been enjoying their daily PE activities. On Friday they got to dress up to workout and they even had their parents dressing up to workout too!-Ms Kirstie Melville

This week in our English lessons the children have been learning how to write letters to each other. During this time, the children have told me how much they are missing each other at home so we thought it would be a lovely idea to write letters to each other. The children asked each other questions, spoke about what they have been doing at home using ‘-ing’ words and said kind things to each other. A beautiful way to end a great week. Well done Year 1 White. -Mr Williams

Year 9’s have been reading the play ‘DNA’ by Dennis Kelly, which explores the idea of when a group of teenagers’ bullying of another student goes too far, they are left with an unplanned death on their conscience. Students have been exploring the text in creative ways to demonstrate their understanding of the characters, themes and plot. This creative project was student led and created. Some created social media videos of the events, news reports that would have happened in the character’s world and art works that are symbolic to the themes explored in the play. Here is a sample of some of their hard work: -Ms Milner

Student Council Meeting

Wednesday, 20th May saw the Secondary Student Council representatives meet with the current Deputy Head Boy and Girl to discuss agenda items focused around the current situation and online learning. Representatives had collected feedback from their homeroom last week and today this was discussed in a really mature manner, providing excellent feedback for the Secondary Leadership Team to discuss. A really big ‘well done’ to all those involved in this process and for your continued hard work during this period of online learning. -Ms Gemma Caines and Mr James Barker

Secondary Student Council Meeting

Well done to all the Primary students who participated in the Getty Art Challenge during their art classes this week. Students re-created famous paintings at home with some fantastic, creative and amusing results. Great work Primary. -Ms Jody Leow (Click on photos to expand)

Foundation Online Learning Parent Comments

“It’s so nice seeing you and all the others. I was honestly terrified to start my son’s e-learning but I have to say that is amazing and very helpful. I can actually do something else near by him without worrying too much, knowing that he enjoys that time with you and his friends doing something meaningful.”- Parent with a child in Preschool

“Online learning is, as you said, not easy for the little ones but we are amazed at how well everyone is cooperating considering the very young age of the children. We definitely feel that the maximum has been brought out of online learning, at least for the preschool part.” -Parent with a child in Preschool

“Good job Miss Charlotte. Thanks you for your effort.” -Parent with a child in Preschool

“My daughter is really into the online learning and I am very happy about it. It means that the level of online schooling properly fits the kid’s level of learning and the technological capabilities operating the computer. She learns responsibility and feels mature. Seeing her friends online also contributes to her content to the online schooling. Have a great day and thank you for making my daughter happy.” -Parent with a child in Reception

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