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Weekly Update #8, 23 October 2020

Dates for Your Diary

Upcoming events can be found on the website under School Life → Calendar and are outlined here for easy reference.

For daily updates and news follow the HeadStart Facebook Page and You Tube channel.

Date Time Event Location
24-25 October All day DofE Bronze Training (Group 1) Ao Yon Beach
27 October 8.15 am Phonics Workshop for Year 1 & 2 Parents Secondary Hall
29 October 8:15 am Parent Committee Meeting Conference Room
30 October TBA Halloween Activities- No ASPs TBA
31 Oct - 1 Nov All day DofE Bronze Training (Group 2) Ao Yon Beach
03 November 8.15 am Parent Meeting: Supporting Your Adolescent’s Social & Emotional Development Secondary Hall
05 November 8.15 am UPrep Talk: Comparing different university systems Secondary Hall
06 November 2.00-4.00 pm Friday Market Atrium
7-8 November All day DofE Bronze Practice (Group 1) Ao Yon
10 November 8.15 am Parent Meeting: Supporting Your Child’s Reading & Writing in Reception Secondary Hall
11 November 11.00 am Remembrance Day  
13-14 November All day DofE Silver Sailing Training (Group 1) Ao Yon beach
14 November 9.00-4.00pm CAPA Rehearsal  
15-16 November All day DofE Silver Practice (Group 1) Ao Ton beach
16-20 November All week Years 7-10 Assessment Week  
17 November 8.15 am Parents Meeting: Student Reports & Grades Secondary Hall
19 November 8.15 am UPrep Talk: Application and standardised testing Secondary Hall
22-24 November All day Assumption University UExperience visit  
24 November 8.15 am Parents Meeting: Year 9 Checkpoint Exams Secondary Hall
  3.00 pm Secondary Cross Country Event BISP
27 November All day Wear Casual Clothes for Charity - Donate 50 baht  
Learning for All
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Indu Bedi

Head of Senior School
[email protected]

Swadee ka and Hello. My name is Indu Bedi and I am a Deputy Headteacher and a teacher of English at HeadStart International school. Having previously worked at HeadStart as the Head of English and Humanities, I am familiar with many aspects of this dynamic and creative school. I am excited to return in my new role to oversee the Sixth Form and Staff Development and once again work with a determined team of professionals to make this a successful school where all students thrive personally and academically. I learnt my craft as a teacher in England where I taught for 16 years holding a variety of roles including Head of Faculty, Director of Learning and Teaching, Assistant Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. I embarked on my international career 10 years ago with my family and have since taught in Malaysia and Thailand. I am a certified Teacher Trainer with a specialism and a passion for developing pedagogical approaches to support language acquisition. I have written and led training in England and abroad. I have also worked for Sunderland University (UK) in supporting and assessing teachers training internationally. I have a BA (Hons) in the Humanities, majoring in English Literature, a PGCE in teaching English with Drama, an MA in Cultural and Critical Studies and I have completed my National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) in the UK. I have a genuine interest in how our pedagogical approaches in the classroom can be developed to enhance the learning of all students. As a teacher and leader, I am a strong believer in the growth mindset (Carol Dweck); I believe intelligence can be grown through using the right methods to teach and through developing student self-belief. I am also passionate about creating effective lifelong learners through making learning as transparent as possible so students know what steps to take to ensure their own success. With these key ingredients, choosing the right methods to teach, nurturing the growth mindset and making learning transparent, I believe all students achieve academic success and leave school with a belief in themselves. I also have a passion for teaching my subject, English, as I believe language and literature lie at the heart of individual empowerment. The study of language allows us to understand how language is used and how to use language effectively for our own purposes; this is central to one’s success in and beyond school. The study of literature, whilst contributing to improved language skills, also develops intelligence, imagination and the ability to view the world through different lenses. I am looking forward to working in partnership with the students, and their parents, in the Sixth Form to ensure they achieve academic success and they continue to enjoy their lives as students at the school. I am also looking forward to working with colleagues across the school to develop learning and teaching practice so we continue to inspire a love of learning amongst all of our students. Outside of school, I enjoy being a mum to my two young daughters, Anoushka and Taara Lily, reading (I have a particular interest in post-colonial literature and self-development books), spending time in nature, meditating and trying new recipes in my kitchen!

“Sometimes the greatest PD (professional development) is the teacher down the hall.” -Brian Aspinall

On Monday 19th October 2020 all teaching staff took part in professional development workshops. Such days are key moments for us to sit back and reflect on our practice and seek ways to further develop and/or refresh our knowledge and skills.

As an educational institution, we are committed to providing our students with the best learning opportunities and we recognise the important part our own continued professional development plays in that mission. We have much to learn from each other and the day was designed to enable teachers with expertise and leadership in key areas of the school to lead sessions and create time and space for our teachers to have professional conversations about learning and teaching.

Monday was also a day for us to ensure we are ‘up to date’ with the latest research and our practice is informed by that. Our professional development days are also powerful vehicles for team building as we become more united and aligned in our practices. The opportunity to work together in such a way enables us to learn about each other’s strengths and qualities too. We hope that these workshops will now form a springboard for teachers to continue to work collaboratively to enhance their practice and in turn further enhance learning.


Upcoming Drop-in Session

You are all invited to ask questions and discuss anything you want to know about university programmes or application in our UPrep Drop-In Session next Thursday 29 October at 08.15 - 09.15 am in ‘Step with Nakita’ Coffee Shop located on the first floor. Grab your drink and join Kru Gem, University Placement Officer!

UPrep Talk

If you weren’t able to make it to the last UPrep talk on 22 October, the presentations are provided below for your convenience. As always, if you have any questions or would like assistance with your child’s university preparation please contact our UPrep team who are happy to help! Ms Indu Bedi can be contacted at [email protected] and Ms Gem can be contacted at [email protected]

Halloween 2020

It’s time to prepare your spooktacular costume as Halloween is coming! Join us for a day of fun activities, games and dancing on Friday, the 30th of October! There will be themed Halloween meals and everyone is invited to take photos at the Halloween photo booth in the atrium. More detail of what each age group will be doing to celebrate this fun occasion can be found below.

Important Notes

  • Students to bring in PE kit to change into if they have a timetabled PE session. Alternatively, students should wear a costume appropriate for taking part in physical activities.
  • There are no ASPs on Halloween due to the event, however, school buses will run as usual.
Age Level Timing Activities
Preschool 08:30-09:30 Parents and Children are invited to come to school dressed in their favourite Halloween costume and enjoy a variety of Halloween themed activities in the classroom. Parents are welcome to bring snacks and treats to share if they wish to.
Early Years & Reception 10:00-11:15 Parents and Children are invited to come to school dressed in their favourite Halloween costume and enjoy a variety of Halloween themed activities in the classroom. Parents are welcome to bring snacks and treats to share if they wish to.
Primary During the day Children are welcome to come to school in Halloween costumes. The children will have organised activities in their classes with their teachers
Year 7 - 9 6.00-7.30 pm Students are welcome to come into school dressed black and red theme or in full Halloween costume. Halloween Disco in the Sports Hall.
Year 10-13 6.00-9.00 pm Students are welcome to come to school dressed black or red theme or in full Halloween costume. Halloween Disco organised by students in the Sports Hall
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Wai Kru 2020

A big thank you to all of the students and parents who participated in Wai Kru this year. As usual, it was a very meaningful and beautiful event and all of our teaching staff have felt loved and appreciated. Every year Thai teachers select students to offer ‘flowers plates’ to their teachers and senior management. This year we decided to give plants instead and we will be planting them around the school as a way of showing support the school’s mission in creating an eco-friendly environment. Below is a list of the students and parents we wish to thank for preparing and bringing in beautiful plants this year. Wishing everyone a successful academic year ahead. A full album of photos from Wai Kru can be found on the HeadStart Facebook Page-Click HERE! Ms Sontana Baci, School Director

Early Years Tuger / Ava / Kegend / Vale
Reception Sora / Katie / Paul / Bella
Year 1 Rene /Bai Khao / Fina / Bhumi
Year 2 Alena / Jacon
Year 3 Allair / Krit / Jan / Mighty
Year 4 Ida / Khunpon / Nutcha / Ryu
Year 5 Ally / Jason
Year 6 Yuri / Nathee
Year 7 Ing / Juhn / Mint / Stefan
Year 8 Suengha / Focus
Year 9 Ally / Paper
Year 10 Yeeping / Anda
Year 11 Kapom / Karn
Year 12 Tungton / Jing Jing
Year 13 Sandi / Joe
Student News

The year 3 Science club were busy making structures out of marshmallows and wooden sticks this week. We used the Eiffel Tower as our inspiration and made sure our towers had a strong base to support the structure. The best part was getting to eat some yummy marshmallows at the end! -Ms Harvey

Language Department

Students study the grammar of the Russian language. Grammar in the Russian language is the most difficult to learn. When it is studied in the form of a game success is guaranteed

The students in the HeadStart Robotics ASP have now almost built their robots and soon will be learning how to write programs that will bring the robots to life! They have also been learning about how robots are being used in the manufacturing industry and looking at video clips of BMW’s automated production line in Germany. -Mr Dean Wells

The Eco Club is now meeting every Thursday lunchtime in the Design and Technology learning spaces. This week they were starting to sort through the discarded waste that CAN be recycled at school and made into new products. Their goal is to make the world a better place for us and future generations! The Eco Club would like everyone to:

▶️ Bring in non-clear plastic bottles and plastic lids. YOU MUST clean the bottles at home and REMOVE the labels!

▶️ The recycling numbers we can use at school are 2,4 and 5, you can find these numbers on plastic products inside a triangle made from three arrows!

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English Department News
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David Pollicutt

Head of English
[email protected]

My name is David and I joined HeadStart International School in 2018. I am from the UK and grew up in the large port city of Bristol. I studied English Literature at the University of East Anglia, and trained to teach at The Institute of Education in The University of London. I taught in East London for four years, before moving to teach for eight years as Head of English in Viet Nam and China. I am a firm believer in developing students to be natural enquirers, following the Sir Ken Robinson model of best preparing students to use transferable skills for the shifting landscapes of their futures. I seek to encourage an epistemological approach in my lessons, urging students to evaluate the efficacy of the information they consume and the validity of interpretations. I am passionate about literature and will often be chortling at David Lodge’s tragicomedy or swooning at Ian Mcewan’s literary sleight of hand. Outside of the classroom I am a keen student of Philosophy, Politics and Film. I am a particular fan of the intellect and charisma exuded by Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris and the late and much missed Christopher Hitchens. I have a terminal case of devotion to Tottenham Hostpsur Football Club; it teaches me patience and humility.

Reading in 2020

Like many parents and students, I spent a substantial period of my saturated half term watching Netflix. Perhaps also like some of you, I chanced upon the new modern gothic horror series ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’. When watching it, despite the uneven dialogue and bloated plot, something about it seemed gnawingly familiar. Then I realised, part way through the second two that it is, of course, a modern ‘re-imagining’ of Henry James’ classic 1898 short story ‘The Turn of the Screw’. And here’s the point. English teachers are not dinosaurs, disconnected from contemporary life. We do not spend our evenings in the week reading medieval literature (only on Tuesdays, actually). We watch Netflix and we also value literature.

So students, use us English teachers. Ask us. If you are passionate about The Avengers, ask us to recommend a book to you as a companion piece. If you’re hooked on a particular Netflix series, tell us about it and perhaps we can point you in the direction of the source material or a text which explores similar ideas. Keep looking on the teacher reading lists stuck on their classroom windows. Start a dialogue with them if the title intrigues you and, whatever you do, keep reading.

The Perfect Summaries

Year 11 First Language English students continue in their odyssey to discover the formula of writing a perfect summary. Last week, they were shown a famous lithograph by Frances Flora Bond Palmer, 1868’s Across the Continent: “Westward the Course of Empire Takes its Way”. After identifying all the things, actions and people they can see in the image, they then had to select the most important items from and draw them! Here is the selection process of material so vital to producing successful summaries. From this, students finally had to convert their drawings into written expressions, framing their summarised pictures into a written narrative for a formal audience.


DIRT (Directed Improvement and Reflection Time) activities are crucial to student progress in the English Faculty.

After summative assessments, when students’ work has been marked, a grade assigned and feedback given, students are encouraged to actively engage in the reflective process by doing an activity identified by the teacher designed to address an area of weakness in their work.

Today, Year 9 Austen sought to improve their use of meaningful dialogue in narrative writing by certain students ‘hotseating’ the protagonists from their narrative writing pieces in front of the class, while their peers took notes while quizzing these characters. Even I got involved by performing a disturbing turn as Miss. Havisham! Students will then have to create a piece of dialogue between this new character and the protagonist from their own narratives, in a piece of dialogue designed to develop both characters in meaningful ways.

In their last lesson before half term, Year 12 Literature students held a mock trial for Joe Keller, the tragic hero of Arthur Miller’s play ‘All My Sons’. Their objective was to assess the extent of Keller’s guilt, and identify the nuances of Miller’s morality in doing so. After some impassioned arguments from a very convincing Davide D. as prosecutor, the jury was convinced that, despite his wife’s protestations, Keller was guilty as charged. -Ms Kelly Tuppen

Maths Department News

Year 7s learnt about real-life graphs and its applications last week. We had conducted an experiment to determine the relationship between speed, distance and time. We recorded the timings of some of our classmates running a 100 metre race. We plotted a distance vs. time graph of the runners to calculate the speed in m/s from which we determined the fastest runner of each group. It was an enjoyable activity exploring speed calculations. -Ms Natasha Sethi

Promotions and Activities from Around the Island
Angsana XANA Halloween 2020 Eng update
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