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Weekly Update #19, 26 January 2024

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Announcements & Upcoming Events
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Yearbook Photoshoot Starting Monday

We are excited to announce that as of Monday morning next week, the Yearbook photoshoot will commence. Due to a number of factors, we will only be using class photos for the Yearbook, so please ensure that your child is in school on the day of the photoshoot as otherwise he/she will not be included in the Yearbook. It would be very helpful if parents can make sure that your son/daughter is properly dressed in school uniform, has tidy hair and is well presented on the day. Please refer to the timetable link shown below for information on what day and time your child’s class photo will be taken: Yearbook timetable!

Yearbook Class Photoshoot Poster 01

Registration for International Day Now Open!

We are delighted to extend a warm invitation to all our families to join us for our International Day celebrations. This event promises to be a vibrant and culturally enriching experience, showcasing the diversity that makes our school community so special.

📆 Date: Friday 8th March 2024

⏰ Time: 14:30-17:00

📍 Venue: Chaofah City Campus

Our International Day festivities will feature a colourful array of cultural performances, international cuisine, interactive exhibits, and a warm atmosphere of unity. It’s an excellent opportunity for us to come together, celebrate our global community, and foster a deeper understanding of the rich tapestry of cultures represented at HeadStart. We would be honored by your presence as we celebrate diversity, promote cultural exchange, and strengthen the bonds that make HeadStart International School a truly international learning environment.

👉 Registration opens on Monday. Write to [email protected] to book your tent and performance!

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Friday Market Fun!

Here’s a sneak peek at our latest Friday Market, a community event that took place last Friday. Interested in participating in our next Friday Market themed Lunar New Year? Contact our Events team by writing to [email protected].

Mandarin Language Day poster
Parent Meetings

Zones of Regulation Parent Workshop on 23.01.24

Many Key Stage 1 parents attended the ‘Zones of Regulation’ Workshop. It was a great opportunity to share the sessions taught in school and to provide strategies which can be used at home. The ‘Zones of Regulation’ is an approach that is used across Foundation and Primary to support the development of self-regulation. The framework provides strategies to teach pupils to become more aware of and independent in controlling their emotions and impulses, manage their sensory needs, and improve their ability to problem solve conflicts. Thank you to all who came along and for your active participation with the workshop. We look forward to seeing many of you at the Key Stage 2 workshop later in the term. -Ms Annie Cusworth, Deputy Head of Primary

Secondary Parent Meeting: Pastoral Care on 30.01.24

On Tuesday morning from 8.15-9.00, there will be a presentation on the secondary pastoral system. This will give an overview of the ethos and approach of the school’s pastoral education, support services and school culture. This will be beneficial for any of those parents new to Headstart community, or those who would like an understanding of our child-centred approach.

  • Venue: Primary hall, 2nd Floor

  • Time: 8.15 -9.00am

Monday Morning Flag Raising

A time when we pay tribute to our host nation as well as celebrate student success in and out of school. Congratulations to our CAPA HeadStar of the week: Teenida! Well done Cayla in Year 1 White who competed in the ‘Kids Golf Tour Thailand, Southern Championship’ and was the first runner up in the under 7 years old/girls division.

PE & Sports

The PE Department and all our students are excitedly preparing for this year’s Sports Days! We are looking forward to what will no doubt be an enjoyable few days, with students working hard to develop their skills across all athletics events. We look forward to seeing many of you cheering on our students during this fantastic event.

sports day 03 1


Last weekend a number of our Girls Football Academy players travelled to Bangkok to compete in the Bangkok International Girls Football Festival. The competition was held over two days and saw teams from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Thailand. With most teams being academy football teams, the standards were very high and a challenge for most teams. There was some really good football being played and the efforts of the girls was fantastic, playing 5 games on the first day in the Bangkok heat. With the majority of our girls younger in their age groups, they continued to never give up and they were rewarded with some great games and performances. We came away from the tournament with smiles and ultimately it was a valuable experience for the girls on and off the field with their team mates. Also, a big thank you to the parents who came to Bangkok to support the teams with their positivity and help. Well done Girls! -Coach Frost


This week it was Early Years Yellow’s turn to perform for Foundation students and parents. They sang the nursery rhyme “Hickory Dickory Dock” which they have been learning in Phonics. Rhyme is an important part of early phonics as it helps young learners develop phonemic awareness, which is crucial for understanding the sound structure of words and laying the foundation for early reading skills. Well done to all of our Foundation ‘Stars of the Week’.

Please join us for a special Lunar New Year Stay & Play. Celebrate the Year of Dragon together with your little one on Thursday 8th February 2024, from 8:30 - 10:00 am.

Stay and Play Lunar New Year 2024 01

Primary children are learning and experiencing nature on our rooftop growing garden! The objective of this session were to notice changes in the garden from the last time children visited and to identify and draw plants such as cosmos flowers, cucumbers, eggplant and okra! Children were excited and eager to talk to the gardener too.



In a remarkable display of entrepreneurial spirit, Jessica Gysin, a creative and ambitious student, has turned heads at our school’s Friday market with her delicious homemade cinnamon buns. What started as a small venture has quickly grown into a wonderful success story. Not only has Jessica gained recognition for her culinary skills, but she has also learned valuable lessons in time management, budgeting, and customer service. Balancing her schoolwork with the demands of her business has provided Jess with a hands-on education in entrepreneurship. Jessica will be at the next Friday market along with the other BTEC Business students selling delicious fruit smoothies.

IMG 4821 Enhanced NR 2

Duke of Edinburgh

This week the Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh students went to Koh Larn to beginning training for their Bronze award. They cooked and camped on the beach and built fires at sunset. Our students did amazing kayaking every day and completed at least 9 nautical km on Tuesday. There was lots of teamwork and resilience involved! - Ms Kerrie Nacey (Click to expand photos)

image 67178753image 67218433image 67133953image 67227137image 67525377image 67513601

Russian Students Meeting

The meeting with students from Year 8-9 and Year 13 students took place in a pleasant and warm atmosphere. The students gathered to discuss important matters such as choosing exams and universities, anticipating potential difficulties and finding ways to overcome them. Everyone present actively participated in the discussion, sharing their questions and ideas. The discussion allowed Year 8-9 students to gain information about various subjects and universities, as well as hear the opinions of their peers. The meeting will undoubtedly help them make decisions when choosing subjects and universities.

Thanks to their experience and knowledge, Year 13 students were able to provide recommendations and share valuable information. The meeting inspired everyone to make thoughtful decisions about their educational and career paths. Such events contribute to fostering interaction and support among students, strengthening friendships. We wish all Year 13 students success in their exams and the beginning of their studies at the university of their dreams. -Ms Dina

Talking Heads

Last week, we hosted our own version of a TED Talk, ‘Talking Heads,’ and were impressed by the exceptional quality of the talks presented by our students. Talking Heads marks the culmination of the Communication Skills program, led by Ms. Tuppen in Term 1 of Year 12, where students hone their public speaking abilities. However, it transcends mere skill development, as last week’s showcase vividly demonstrated. Talking Heads not only amplifies student voices but also nurtures a culture of self-expression.

Diverging from the conventional school experience, Talking Heads provides students with a unique opportunity to delve into topics close to their hearts. Erica’s exploration of designer babies evoked an eerie sense of a future dystopia, making her piece particularly thought-provoking. Putter delivered a captivating, poetic talk on his love for motorbikes. Alisa and Zoe boldly addressed “Black and White,” challenging the status quo with their eloquent and passionate case, raising eyebrows in the room. Ryan presented an insightful speech on Autism, urging the audience to question stereotyped judgments. Gordon shed light on everyday misconceptions, while Mary and Jojo unnerved us by discussing why we can’t fully trust our minds. Lastly, Kristina and Liz engaged us with their contrasting philosophies of time.

Reflecting on the event, Alisa from Year 12 shared, “It was a fun experience, a lovely evening. I enjoyed the laughter and reactions of the audience as the talk was going on. Their enthusiastic support was great, and the food was fantastic!”

At HeadStart, we believe that empowering students to use their voices effectively and articulate their ideas clearly, concisely, and cohesively is perhaps the most crucial takeaway from the school experience. The magic of Talking Heads stemmed from the artfully crafted, informed speeches and the exceptional delivery by this group of courageous students, who had their audience captivated. It was truly an elegant evening, and if you missed it, we’re sorry! Our gratitude also goes to Ms. Tuppen, who orchestrated the entire affair, from generating ideas to crafting effective speeches and teaching the art of using body, voice, and expression to convey ideas. Look forward to Talking Heads next year – you won’t be disappointed! - Ms Indu Bedi and Kelly Tuppen

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