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At HeadStart, we take immense pride in our exceptional and diverse team of highly qualified educators. Our staff brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to the classroom, ensuring that our students receive a well-rounded and enriching education. With a diverse range of backgrounds, talents, and expertise, our teachers inspire and challenge our students to reach their fullest potential.

Our dedicated Foundation team understands the unique needs of our Preschool, Early Years and Reception students and works tirelessly to create a safe, engaging, and play-based learning environment. By focusing on the prime areas of learning, communication and language, physical development, and personal, social, and emotional development, we lay a solid foundation for future academic success. We believe that every child’s individuality is celebrated and supported within the EYFS framework, and our staff is committed to fostering a love for learning from the very beginning.

‘Throughout the school, teachers’ subject knowledge and understanding of how students learn are strong. Relationships between students and teachers are positive. The ratio of qualified teachers to students, especially in the early years and lower primary classes, is high. ‘Deputy’ teachers, who are fully qualified teachers in their home countries, support class teachers. Due to their expertise, they make a significant difference to the rates of progress that students make. Teachers know students well and assess them accurately. This enables teachers to plan work that matches the ability of individual students and caters well for their varying needs.’ Education Development Trust (EDT) Accreditation Report, June 2017

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Jasmine Gray

Preschool Teacher
[email protected]

Hello, my name is Jasmine and I am from Reading, in the south of England. I studied my undergraduate degree in Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Nottingham and then went on to complete my Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Oxford Brookes University. This is my 3rd year here at HeadStart International School. I have lived in Phuket for over eight years. My plan was to stay for 1 year; however, I fell in love with this beautiful island. I have ten years teaching experience ranging from Early Years, KS1, KS2 and Thai private education. I started my teaching career in the UK teaching Year 2. I enjoy encouraging children’s learning and inquiry through play-based learning. I hold the firm belief that children learn best through first-hand experiences. During the play- based activities we provide here in Foundation children are exploring, taking risks, engaging their imagination, and solving problems. They are learning valuable skills that support social, physical and cognitive development. I will be the Preschool homeroom teacher this academic year.

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Angela Coloma

Preschool Deputy
[email protected]

Hi, I am Angela Joy T. Coloma, originally from the Philippines. I joined Headstart since 2015 and I will be your Deputy Teacher in Preschool this school year. I graduated in Mariano Marcos State University College of Teacher Education. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education, major in Preschool Education. I worked with Early Years for the past few years and we had so much fun. I learned a lot within those years and it helped me to understand and develop my skills to become more effective teacher in the classroom. I am so excited to join Preschool this year and I would be happy to share and learn new things while sharing happiness with everyone. I am passionate about teaching young children and love working with them. I am grateful to be a part of the Foundation team and I am looking forward to lots of fun while learning creatively.

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Sharon Lanticse

Preschool Deputy
[email protected]

Hi, I am Sharon Faith T. Lanticse from Davao, the Southern part of the Philippines. I am a double- degree graduate, with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing as well as Secondary Education Major in Biological Sciences. Working with children in Headstart has strengthened my love of learning especially when you see how excited and happy the kids are in your class. Teaching small children requires a lot of qualities. All of this shapes my classroom practice to become more effective. The thing I like most about teaching is my students. I love interacting with them, I love learning from them, I love how passionate they are in learning and how they connect it with their daily lives. I am committed to the professional ethics, the high standards of practice and the care and education of young children. I am caring, gentle and enthusiastic when working with children and I am committed to social and academic growth and the development of every child. I work hard to create a positive classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging, as well as appropriately inclusive to the needs of every student. In my spare time, I enjoy meeting up with friends and family. I also enjoy meeting new people. I enjoy reading, especially if it is related to cooking/baking; I love spending time in the kitchen. I enjoy watching documentaries, action, horror and romantic-comedy films. I love travelling around and exploring new places. I am grateful to be part of Headstart team for 3 years now. I am looking forward to making a significant, positive impact on the lives of each of my students. I am also looking forward to helping my co teachers to continue to be effective educators and delivering effective instruction that raises student achievement.

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Aimorn Dech-aran

Preschool Nanny
[email protected]

Sawadee Ka. I am P’Orn and I am your nanny in Early Years Yellow. I was born in Trang and moved to Phuket for university. I took up Social Studies Education at Phuket Rajabhat University. After I graduated, I worked as a teacher in a Kindergarten for 3 years. I taught Social Studies and History Subjects in Primary for another 2 years. Then I worked with children that had additional educational needs at Phuket Special School for a year. I have worked at HeadStart since 2017. I am happy to work with children and willing to learn new things from my colleagues. I am going to work hard to support the students and look forward to more years of fun learning and teaching.

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Rungnapa Detpakdee

Preschool Nanny
[email protected]

My name is P’Ple. I finished my Secondary Education at Changkong Wittayakom, Chang Rai, Thailand. I have been working as a Nanny at HeadStart for 14 years. I help children to enhance their learning abilities and support them to be independent. I love to teach children how to think creatively and communicate effectively. I love working with young children. I am looking forward to this year with the Preschool children with love, fun and excitement.

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Sophie Hamlett

Early Years (Blue) Teacher
[email protected]

Hello and Sawasdee ka! My name is Sophie Hamlett but you can call me Miss Sophie. I am very excited to be teaching in Early Years this year and I cannot wait to meet you all. This is my second year here at HeadStart and I am very happy to be continuing by journey with you. I am from Liverpool, United Kingdom and have been working in a variety of Early Years settings for 11 years. I have been teaching EYFS in international schools since 2018 after graduating from Liverpool Hope University. I have a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Early Childhood Studies and Special Educational Needs and then completed a PGCE with the University of Cumbria in 2022. My passions include: dogs, travelling, dancing, baking and of course, teaching. So far, I have taught in Belgium, Italy, Thailand and China. I have lived and taught in Phuket for three years and live with my husband Michael and rescue dog Vinnie. I am very much looking forward to this next academic year, meeting you all, and watching our class grow and develop.

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Jubilee Noveda

Early Years (Blue) Deputy
[email protected]

Hello! My name is Jubilee V. Noveda, Deputy Teacher of Early Years Blue. I am originally from the Philippines and I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting in the year 2015 and I also obtained my Diploma in Teaching in 2018. I taught Kindergarten for seven years here in Phuket. My years of experience as a teacher have shaped a teaching philosophy that guides how I help my students succeed in the classroom and beyond. Being a teacher is a profession that I love deeply. It allows me to use my creativity, form close bonds with the students, and make a positive impact on their lives. I am excited about a year filled with learning, curiosity, and fun.

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Supawadee Huailuk

Early Years (Blue) Nanny
[email protected]

My name is Supawadee however the children will call me P’Tik. I graduated from Phuket University where I gained a degree in Business Education. I am so happy to be working at HeadStart as I really like working with young children. I have been working at HeadStart for 5 years in Preschool and this year I will be starting my first year in Early Years. I am extremely excited for this change and working with my new class. I truly enjoy learning new things while developing myself in everything that I do and I will continue to use what I have learnt to support the children.

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Kimberley McEwan

Early Years (Yellow) Teacher
[email protected]

Hello! My name is Kimberley McEwan, but you can call me Miss Kimberley. I am really looking forward to teaching in the Foundation stage and I can’t wait to meet you all. I am from a town called Dumbarton in Scotland, in the United Kingdom. I studied for my degree in Primary Education at the University of the West of Scotland. Following this, I taught in a local primary school in Inverness, Scotland before moving to Shanghai, China. I then spent 11 years in Shanghai teaching in a variety of stages, mainly Reception and Early Years. Over the past 11 years I have gained valuable experience in teaching children from many different countries and backgrounds. During this time, I also studied online with the University of the West of Scotland for a Post Graduate Diploma in Inclusive Education. I recently moved to Phuket with my two rescue cats Leo and Toby. My hobbies include teaching and practicing yoga, reading and dancing. I am excited to be teaching in Early Years Yellow and I am looking forward to seeing our class develop and grow in the coming academic year!

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Marilou Arrojado

Early Years (Yellow) Deputy
[email protected]

Greetings! I’m Marilou Arrojado, and I proudly call the Philippines my home. My educational journey led me to pursue a BSE major in English, setting the foundation for my passion in teaching. As I step into my fifth year at Headstart International School, I’m excited to share my wealth of experience with my students. With a global teaching background spanning from kindergarten to high school levels, I’ve traversed diverse educational landscapes. My journey started in 2012 when I ventured to Vietnam to teach English, and from there, I made my way to Thailand, teaching in various schools across Bangkok. I found meaningful connection at a private school in Pathum Thani, where I embraced the opportunity to impact students from different cultures and bakgrounds, especially those for whom English is a second language. The challenges and rewards of working with young learners from toddlers to teenagers have enriched me both personally and professionally. My teaching approach embodies initiative, integrity, adaptability, and resilience, ensuring an effective and flexible experience for every student. Among the age groups I work with, I have a special fondles for kindergarten students. Their open-mindedness and remarkable capacity to absorb new knowledge never cease to amaze me. With anticipation, I await the upcoming learning journey with my new students. Let’s have a blast together!

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Pornpan Leelapan

Early Years (Yellow) Nanny
[email protected]

My name is Fon and I was born in Nakonsithammarat, Thailand. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Thai Language for Communication from Rajabhat Phuket University and have just completed a degree in education and teaching from the same university. This will be my fourth year working at HeadStart and I am extremely excited about continuing to work with the HeadStart children in the coming year. I love working with children and I aim to support them to enhance their learning abilities to the best that I can! I hope to encourage and also inspire in them a love of lifelong learning.

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Iona Henderson

Reception (Blue) Teacher
[email protected]

Hello and Sawadee ka! My name is Iona Henderson, but you can call me Miss Iona. I am really looking forward to teaching in the Foundation stage and I can’t wait to meet you all. I am from a town called Shrewsbury in England, that is in the United Kingdom, where I grew up. I moved to Cheshire to attend Chester University to study for my degree in Early Years Primary Education with Qualified Teacher Status. I was the only student to achieve ‘outstanding’ in all of the teacher substandards and overall standards. Over my teaching career I have taught Reception in Kuwait and a combined class of Early Years and Reception in Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima where I ran the foundation department. For the past eighteen months I have been living back in the UK where I renovated a 157 year old house with my partner and my two Thai Soi dogs. I most recently completed a qualification in Neuroscience in the Early Years (0-5) and I look forward to adding this new dimension to my teaching. I believe fun and learning go hand in hand! The foundation stage is such a magical time, especially in Reception where children learn to read, write and discover a whole new world of possibilities! I am really looking forward to the year ahead in Reception Blue Class and working with all the staff at HeadStart Phuket, developing and inspiring young inquisitive minds to help reach their full potential.

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Rebecca Robielos

Reception (Blue) Deputy
[email protected]

Mabuhay! My name is Rebecca Robielos from Manila, Philipines. I have been with Headstart International School for 13 years now, and I am still looking forward to spending more time teaching in this school. I am a very experienced teacher handling students with special needs and Key Stage 1 students. I completed my Bachelor Elementary Education in March 2000 at The National Teachers College in my hometown. I then went on to work at a local school in Manila for a couple of years teaching Key Stage 1 students. I joined the Headstart team in March 2011 where I supported the Reception class. I have a fantastic time working in this school, and I am still excited towards teaching as well as learning. I am looking forward to supporting the children in the Reception class with all areas of learning and development. I can’t wait to get started!

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Monchanok Khancompu

Reception (Blue) Nanny
[email protected]

Hello, my name is Monchanok Khancompu. Children call me Nok. I have been working at HeadStart International School for 12 years as a nanny. I am currently studying at the Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University (STOU) to qualify for my Bachelor’s Degree of Human Ecology. I enjoy working as a nanny in Preschool because it a very rewarding job to see the children progress at a steady pace.

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Martina Tomic

Reception (Yellow) Teacher
[email protected]

Hello everyone! My name is Martina Tomic and I am the Homeroom Teacher for Reception Yellow. I am thrilled to be joining such an exciting class and to be a part of this passionate learning community. Working abroad has always intrigued me as I love learning and broadening my teaching experiences. Five years ago, I decided to seek out teaching internationally so I moved to China, where I taught in Early Years and Primary. For ten years prior to that, I taught within the New Zealand education sector where I undertook various roles. I started as a teacher where I also lead the cultural committee, then stepped up to a Head Teacher for one of the largest centres in New Zealand and worked as a Centre Manager for over 4 years before moving abroad. During this time, I have completed Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching and undergone a tremendous amount of Professional Development and Future Leaders Courses. I believe that each pupil is unique and so are their needs. Each pupil needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which they can grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. My vision for the children is to become resilient lifelong learners who will have the necessary tools to tackle life in our diverse and ever-changing World. I am an outgoing, positive person that loves exploring the unknown and building new knowledge through experiences. I advocate for innovative, creative, and socially-just communities where individual differences are valued. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, fitness, and the great outdoors. I am looking forward to teaching Year 1 White pupils, and getting to know you all.

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Feliz Novicio

Reception (Yellow) Deputy
[email protected]

Good day! I am Feliz from Philippines. One of the Deputy Teacher in Foundation, Reception Yellow since school year 2022 up to present. Graduated Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education, Major in Values Education, and later on had Masters in Christian Education, Major in English at Far East Advent School of Theology International Incorporated. Had a chance to work in one of the international school here in Phuket for 2 years, started as a Kindergarten 1 Teaching Assistant, and later on became an Art Teacher from Pre-school to Primary. I have also worked as a Homeroom Teacher with another well-known private school for 1 school year. Now, I am very happy and grateful to be a part of this successful school, HeadStart International School, Phuket. Have been here for few years now, and it was an exciting experience. Looking forward for more plus years of learning with the students see them grow and excel emotionally, physically and academically despite of this new norm.

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Napasorn Faipechr

Reception (Yellow) Nanny
[email protected]

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Perrie Ramos

PE and Art Associate Teacher
[email protected]

I am Perrie Niña Angelie Ramos, born in Baguio City and grew up in La Trinidad, Benguet at the Northern part of the Philippines. I finished my degree at Benguet State University, accomplishing the Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education major in Early Childhood. After graduating I started working as an Assisting Teacher for a year then became a Main Teacher for 8 years at H.O.P.E. Christian Academy. This is where I have dedicated a lot of my time, taking care of the learners and I must say that I have enjoyed and I am blessed every minute of it. HeadStart is my second workplace and first overseas job. I have been here since 2018, this would be my 6th year working. I was a Preschool Deputy Teacher for 4 years , a year in Early Years and now a P.E. and Art Associate Teacher. It is my passion to hone the skills and creativity of each learner in a positive learning environment that are engaging and fulfilling for the learners. I absolutely love being with the learners and teaching them how to think creatively and solve problems independently in a most exciting way. I am able to communicate with them through fun learning and being with them gives me so much joy and blessed to be with them. I would describe myself as someone who is enthusiastic, sincere, caring, alert and hardworking. I have a great sense of humor. I am an easy going person and I don’t get easily disturbed by downs in my life. I enjoy arts, crafts, singing, dancing, playing and teaching learners. The time with learners gives me the opportunity to impact and influence their lives positively and I can fill their minds with knowledge, their hearts with truth and guide them in application of both. Learners are a treasure from the Lord and teaching is a blessing. Working here at HeadStart is a great opportunity to learn and have fun with them.

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