Art Gallery

Art Exhibition 2018

Featuring exam series 2017 and whole school art exhibition.

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IGCSE Coursework and Exam June 2017

Artists: Alya Cagli, Paola Stoffel, Tina Sowton, Oleksandra Miftakhova, Viktor Keiser

AS Level Exam 2017

Artists: Ken Rotman, Kim Keiser

A Level Coursework June 2017

Artist: Karina Abday

Primary Art 2017-2018

Secondary KS3 Art 2017-2018

IMG 20180503 121327IMG 20180503 121320

Art Exhibition 2017

Year 10 architecture Photoshop images and 6th Form expressive painting.

Art Exhibition 2016

As we entered the final stages of our first year at our new school the art department took the opportunity to show- case some of our students excellent work around the school entrance and atrium. Examples of work from Year 1 to Year 12 were on display.

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