01 Oct 2018
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HeadStart Eco bag Give Away

Good News! Eco Bags Available to HeadStart Community!

We are pleased to announce that HeadStart is giving out eco-friendly cloth bags for all of the students in Foundation to Year 6. The children used them in art class for a painting project making beautiful patterns relating to the environment. We would like to continue to encourage the HeadStart community to bring along reusable cloth bags instead of plastic bags and help reduce the amount of single use plastic being wasted on our beautiful tropical island. Let’s reduce, reuse and recycle and do our part to keep Phuket clean and green!

‘Although it might seem convenient to grab a plastic bag at the cash register, the habit is actually wasteful. One source estimates that plastic bags have three times the greenhouse gas impact of reusable bags. Worse, a few years ago scientists discovered a gigantic mass of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean, which is an especial threat to marine life. Make a more eco-friendly choice by bringing your own reusable bags on your next shopping trip—they’re way trendier than the plastic stuff anyway!’ Quote taken from 40 Unexpected Ways You Can Help the Environment Right Now!

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