Foundation Framework

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Hannah Brown

Deputy Head of Foundation
[email protected]

Hello, My name is Hannah Brown. I joined HeadStart in August 2019 as the Deputy Head of Foundation school. I have lived in Phuket for 18 months having previously worked as both a teacher and a member of the management at another school. On leaving secondary school I was very aware of the career path I should take. Whilst studying I worked in various early years provisions as an early childhood educator before completing my degree education at the University of Plymouth, UK. I was part of the management team for a large group of early years provisions in England. Throughout my early career I focused my research and professional development around speech and language development and children learning English as a second language, which put me at a great advantage when it came to moving to this beautiful island. I am very excited to lead a team of dedicated and creative EYFS teachers in order to give your children the best possible education experience in their early childhood. I believe that for children to achieve, discover their talents and become resilient young people they must feel safe and secure both in their personal and home lives. As teachers and education providers our role stretches further than what subjects we can teach them but rather educate and support the development of the ‘whole child’. Taking a holistic approach we are able to focus on the personal, social and emotional needs of children whilst supporting their cognitive and physical ability. Children spend much of their childhood studying and preparing for exams, it is my mission to ensure that every child we enrole at HeadStart looks back on their early years with fun and happy memories, knowing that they were given the opportunity to grow and explore in an interesting and diverse environment. When I’m not at school I like to explore the beautiful places Thailand has to offer, spend time with friends, swim in the ocean and eat lots of delicious food! I look forward to meeting new children and parents this year. Good luck to all for the academic year!

The purpose of this framework handbook is to provide HeadStart parents with an overview of the content delivered throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage. Children in each year group will be exposed to activities created to support secure development and learning through well thought out, play based experiences. Much thought goes into ensuring that there is a seamless transition between the years as the children’s development continues.

We hope that you will join us in helping your child to access the wealth of knowledge available in their increasingly sophisticated world. Engage their curiosity where you can – ask questions, encourage them to explain, talk to them about their learning.

Should you have questions relating to anything in this handbook, please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s Homeroom Teacher or Deputy Teacher, our Deputy Head of Foundation; Miss Hannah Brown, or myself.

“Our task is to educate our students whole being so they can face the future. We may not see the future, but they will and our job is to help them make something of it.” Ken Robinson

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