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30 Jan
Events10 months ago

Year 9 Residential Trip

We are very excited to finally be in a position where we are able to take the students off the island to experience Chiang Mai and all of its breathtaking beauty! Here at HeadStart, we passionately believe in the value and importance of learning outside the classroom environment; I am positive that students will not only learn a great deal from the trip but will also enjoy themselves immeasurably. On the morning of Friday the 20th of January, a presentation was made to parents with the purpose of sharing the details of the trip with everyone going. If you missed the presentation or have any questions, please drop me an email at [email protected]. As a reminder, if your son or daughter is not attending the trip, there will be no school provision available and they will have to stay at home during the residential dates. -Mr Ashley Paice, Trip Coordinator

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