27 Mar
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Preschool and Early Years Meet & Greet

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Fiona Scott

Deputy Head of Foundation
[email protected]

Hello, my name is Fiona Scott and I am very pleased to be joining HeadStart for another year. I am very much looking forward to a fun and exciting year ahead and working with a hard working school community who have high expectations and who are committed to the highest standards of teaching and learning. Since graduating from the University of Edinburgh in 2002, I have taught in a number of Primary schools across Scotland, England and Thailand. During my teaching career, I have taught all year groups in Key stage 1 and 2 as well as teaching across the Early Years. I have held a number of leadership roles, from subject coordinator to Head of Primary in a developing school in Bangkok. I believe that education encompasses developing the whole child; academically, socially and emotionally. Teaching should be fun and interesting as well as motivating and challenging; where all children can develop and thrive. As teachers, we need to ensure that all learning experiences are enriching and rewarding which promotes a lifelong love for learning. Through a creative curriculum approach; a happy and confident child, is a successful one. Since first moving to Thailand in 2006, my family and I are no strangers to the Thai culture and way of life. Both of my children were born in Thailand and are both very happy at HeadStart. They enjoy the range of learning experiences on offer and thrive in the After School Programmes on offer. As a family we all enjoy a range of activities from cycling to swimming to exploring and traveling around such a beautiful and diverse country. This year I will be based in Foundation and am looking forward to getting to know all the new families and supporting the children in their learning journey through HeadStart and beyond.

Welcoming all new families to HeadStart International School, Phuket!

We would like to invite all new families (parents and children) who will be joining the Preschool class in August, to an informal activities morning on Wednesday 27th March, 8.30 am - 9.30 am as well as all new families who will be joining the Early Years class in August, to an informal activities morning on Thursday 28th March, 10.00 am - 11.00 am.

Children will have the opportunity to join in with some classroom activities and parents can meet the Homeroom Teachers and Foundation Management Team.

I look forward to welcoming you all then!

Kind regards,

Mrs Fiona Scott. Deputy Head of Foundation

เรียน ผู้ปกครอง


ทางโรงเรียนมีความยินดีเรียนเชิญนักเรียนและผู้ปกครองใหม่ ปีการศึกษา 2019 ที่จะเริ่มต้นในเดือนสิงหาคมนี้ เข้าร่วมกิจกรรม Meet and Greet ซึ่งจัดขึ้นสำหรับนักเรียนใหม่ระดับชั้นเตรียมอนุบาล

กิจกรรมดังกล่าวจัดขึ้นเพื่อให้นักเรียนได้มีโอกาสเข้าร่วมทำกิจกรรมสร้างความคุ้นเคย และผู้ปกครองได้พบปะ กับคุณครูและทีมงานผู้บริหารแผนกอนุบาล ซึ่งจะจัดขึ้นใน วันพุธ 27 มีนาคม 2562 เวลา 08.30น. - 09.30น. (ทางโรงเรียนได้จัดเตรียมอาหารว่างไว้สำหรับทุกท่าน)

ขอความกรุณาผู้ปกครองช่วยส่งอีเมล์ตอบรับการเข้าร่วมงานดังกล่าว ภายในวันศุกร์ที่ 22 มีนาคมนี้


Mrs Fiona Scott. รองครูใหญ่แผนกอนุบาล

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