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Parent Testimonials

Mr and Mrs Holmes

It’s such a pleasure to see our children wake up happy and excited to go to school everyday!

In our experience, we’ve always found HeadStart to be a safe, loving and welcoming environment that provides students with inspiration and guidance. The communication between administration, teachers and parents is excellent and serves both parents and students effectively. It’s comforting to know that our children are safe and in good hands.

Our kids have had the opportunity to take part in so many different activities through the excellent After School Programme, as well as participate in a variety of organised activities such as class field trips and the Saturday Thai Culture Club.

Our son is in his sixth year at HeadStart and has grown into a confident young man who works hard and enjoys his studies. Our daughters also started last year and they too are thoroughly enjoying each day. We are proud to be part of the HeadStart family, and look forward to its continued growth and academic success.

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Mr and Mrs Frederiksen

Having been with HeadStart since the very beginning, the fact that both of my children have turned into well roun¬ded young adults is in itself testament to the great success and incremental development of the school.

Daily I see the way they handle themselv¬es and feel confident that they can face university and the world with the ballast that HeadStart has given them. HeadStart is a place where students are challenged, and learn and grow in so many ways and this gives me a great sense of pride and appreciation. It’s a place my children have made great friends and memories and learned invaluable lessons that will stay with them forever.

The relationship bet¬ween parents and school has always been an important one, and HeadStart have always encouraged the participation of parents. The school CEO, Head¬master and management were never too busy to answer, my some¬times very direct questions or concerns. Each and every time, issues were address¬ed and sometimes changes were made for the benefit of all in the HeadStart community. HeadStart management have always gone out of their way to inform parents in every aspect of school life. In doing so they have promoted an open and honest dialogue.

My son, Thanaphat M. Frederiksen, in Year 12, was initially the only student who wanted to study all the hard sciences and mathematics for AS and A Levels. This particular combination was not available in the subject blocks when he completed his IGCSE’s last year. After a request the school management quickly made the necessary changes in order to allow him to pursue his dream of studying the Life Sciences at university. I am especially grateful that these changes were made in sup¬port of my son.

My daughter, Thanatphon M. Frederiksen, in Year 10, has always liked and develop¬ed the more social aspects of school life, with friendships being a very important part of her life. Her particular interest in the liberal arts and sciences is developed and nurtured at HeadStart, with very strong and commit¬ted teachers preparing her for her IGCSE’s next year. In particular she loves her Drama and English teachers.

Frederiksen Family

By Mr and Mrs Hull

Back in 2010 when we made the decision to relocate to Phuket from the UK, finding a quality education for our children was our single biggest concern, but after extensive Internet research of the options available in Phuket as well as exchanging emails with Founder and CEO, Jazon Edouard, I knew we had found the perfect school for Anna-Mali and Jasmine.

Nine years later having passed through Reception, Primary and now Secondary, we have never had a reason to ever regret that decision and as the school continues to grow and mature so have our children, who along with their wonderful close friendships, have flourished under the nurturing guidance of their many dedicated teachers over the years.

As parents we’ve always striven to equip our children with the tools, physically and emotionally, to assist them in navigating life’s journey and with HeadStart International School we certainly feel that we have succeeded with providing our girls with the very best start to that journey.

Hull Family

Mr and Mrs Corley

We visited HeadStart 10 years ago and at that moment we fell in love with the school and we didn’t see any other school on the Island. Our son Sean has enjoyed HeadStart since 2011 and then his brother Liam in 2016, both of them settled in immediately on their first day of school and they came home very happy.

Now that we are ending our eighth year at HeadStart, we have seen how the school has growing from installations, education and sports activities. We trust in the high standards of education that our children are getting and see how they are becoming better students, athletes and people. We fell like HeadStart is an extension of our family and we are proud to be part of Headstart.

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Mr and Mrs Tripatarasit

A decade of academic journey: from homeschool to one of the best international schools!

Our 2 boys, currently in Year 10 and Year 8, have been Headstart students since the beginning as home school at Mae Luan in 2009 then moved to former campus opposite Makro and presently Na Sue campus.

“The great oak was once a little nut who held the ground.” Likewise; it has been 10 years of progressive development and marvelous leap for once home school to be one of the best international school in Phuket, even southern Thailand,

“You must sow the seed before you can reap the harvest.” The past action indicates the present outcome as we see HeadStart students achieve in their academic expedition recently and looking forward to the further best rewarding achievement. Your hard works deserve every honor bestow upon you.

No same soil fit every seed; likewise, no single school fit every student. Find the proper soil for our seeds, proper school to our kids. For the past decade, we feel confident putting our beloved seeds to your proper soil, nurturing them to grow even transform to be competent trees.

As parents, we are happy to see their studies in HeadStart were very fruitful for them and they have greatly developed themselves during their time here. We are obliged to all your dedication to our descendant generation. The Japanese proverb said “10 years to be great, 20 years to be awesome, 30 years to be history”

May Buddha grant you strength & wisdom and be blessed for the best in this coming second decade.

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Mr and Mrs Hatt

My wife is Thai and I am from Switzerland. We have two Sons, Wipawa and John. Wipawa went to Kajonkietsuksa/ BIS and John to Kajonkietsuksa and HeadStart. John is now in Year 12 at HeadStart.

Although other schools on the island are very established, with great credentials, what HeadStart has offered us, besides great education, is that unique family feeling! One must experience this and it cannot be explained in a few short sentences. Yes, it’s not a small school any more, but they keep the same family spirit. Always there to listen and give good advice.

The new school is just awesome! Study & music rooms, Science labs , a gym, swimming pools, tennis and two soccer fields. The multipurpose hall is state of the art and the newly extended coffee shop is the perfect place to wait for the kids, while having a chat with other parents.

HeadStart is a British educator providing the Cambridge Curriculum. They have improved their facilities, activities and methods of teaching from the moment they joined, year by year. We would like to mention the Duke of Edinburgh program. It really helps them to grow! Challenge of body and mind, understanding teamwork, environment, and getting involved in community work with good deeds.

We also would like to thank Ms. Gemma Caines (Head of Sixth Form) for the excellent job she has done with the U-Prep programme: providing students and parents with information and support for the challenging way to university teaching the students how to apply to the best universities all around the world.

John was very happy from the first day we moved him to HeadStart, and so were we. John especially liked soccer but later his interest shifted to playing guitar, piano and singing. He participated in various great stage productions at HeadStart and enjoyed it tremendously.

We would like to thank Khun Jit, Jazon, Miki, Kru Nee, the whole management team and all the teachers and employees of this great place, for their vision, dedication, and hard work. To make HeadStart, what it is today. Thank you for packing Johns rucksack not only with know-how, but also with good values and all the answers to a hungry young mind. Making him a critical thinking citizen of this very competitive world.

Hatt Family

Mr and Mrs Kongsawad

My wife and I enroled my two children at Headstart since they were a home school center in Phuket town. That was about 10 years ago. I’ve seen and understood that the HeadStart team work hard to develop the school and although there are many obstacles along the way, we can see that there has been beautiful development in every aspect for the good future of children.

Kongsawad Family

Mr and Mrs Darton

Congratulations to HeadStart International School on your 10th year anniversary. Our son Harry joined HeadStart when it was a small home school center and has grown up with you. As HeadStart has matured into a fully rounded school, the care and education provided to Harry has enabled him to grow into a well rounded individual. We wish HeadStart continued success in the years to come.

Darton Family

Mr and Mrs Pongpetch

Congratulations on HeadStart’s 10th anniversary. We wish all the best for all school’s staff. HeadStart school has a brilliant team of dedicated teachers that, over time, have proven their worth and have gained much deserved recognition and respect. We wish you all success for many more years to come. We all love you, HeadStart school.

Pongpech Family

Mr and Mrs Khanal

Our children have been at HeadStart for all of their schooling. They are truly learning life lessons here in such a caring environment. We cannot say enough how pleased we are with the staff – the teachers and the administrators for their support and dedication in helping our children flourish not only academically, but also with confidence, character development and social graces.

Congratulations on the school’s 10th anniversary. We feel very lucky and blessed to have a school like HeadStart as an option for our children.

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