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James Snell

Economics Teacher
[email protected]

Greetings! I am James and I come from a small town in the UK called Lincoln. I moved to Sheffield for university, and, after graduating moved to some of the biggest cities in the world. I have taught Business and Economics in very densely-populated places such as Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul. I have an undergraduate degree in Financial Management, a Masters’ Degree in East Asian Business & Economics and HSK 5 Mandarin. When I think about what draws me to teaching, I always think of this quote from John Maynard Keynes: “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do sir?” The world is changing faster than ever, with digital growth, businesses explode in size or capsize overnight, new technology replaces old faster than ever before, and our access to new data on everything is increasing exponentially. Economics and Business are fascinating fields that show how businesses work, how countries operate, what goes on inside the mind of the consumer and how the changing landscape affects these operations. Therefore we must always be aware, open to change and ready to adapt – that why I love it. There is always something changing, something new to learn and theories that might need rethinking or refining. I love sharing all of this with students. At HeadStart I aim to use my ten years of experience to give students a solid foundation in Economics and Business in a fun, creative way. I look forward to challenging students, and being challenged too with their own theories and ideas. I hope to enable students to see the workings of the world and I look forward to seeing what this year brings at HeadStart!

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